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Unable to harvest | Chinese New Year event crashed



  • Same errors here thanks for the update
  • FIONA25 (IT1)FIONA25 (IT1) IT1 Posts: 10,492
    stamattina quando ho aperto la fattoria il sistema non mi permette di raccogliere pronti nella fattoria principale mentre li posso raccogliere nella gaudente anche se ho provato ad uscire e poi rientrare nella fattoria non è cambiato nulla
    this morning when I opened the farm system does not allow me to pick up ready in the main farm while you can gather in the pleasure-loving even if I tried to leave and then return to the farm, nothing has changed.

    errore generico e globale.
    per ovviare al problema:
    raccogli, ti da errore, cambi farm, ritorni e il raccolto è stato eseguito.
    aspettiamo manutenzione


  • Jiesta (NL1)Jiesta (NL1) Posts: 6,557
    edited 11.09.2016
    If I reload/refresh, all products (harvested goods) are gone, fields/orchards/production items are empty again - but no yield whatsoever, no goods went to inventory/barns.

    HW is a lost cause for me (coz don't have a functioning GF or FF yet), so sad because I was on the first 50 ranking list. Say  bye bye to those goldmine license! And very sad about loosing a whole day of half time boosters too  :(

    I've quite the test server for the rest of this weekend, only started the upgrade of 1 building and that's it. :-1:

    Wish all the players for whom the HW still works with GF/FF goods, lots of success! :+1:

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  • I have about 1/3 of my corn crop still sitting on the board as I'm unable to harvest. Repeatedly tried to either sell or harvest, but system is not responsive.  I'm calling it a night.
  • garybaldy (GB1)garybaldy (GB1) GB1 Posts: 502
    Same issue as everyone else , main farm on test server , cannot harvest anything, gourmet farm is fine.
    by the way , love the new look on the test server, and I do expect some crashes , keep up the good work
  • Kimmiecat (NL1)Kimmiecat (NL1) NL1 Posts: 925
    Cheers =) I can still get some building done while it is quicker at least! =)
    Unless they do a roll-back tomorrow.....all you did will be lost then. But maybe you're lucky.....

    [email protected]   /   Member of the Dutch coop "Zeeuwsche Unie" 

  • Irene8 (AU1)Irene8 (AU1) AU1 Posts: 34
    Same here, mf not harvesting, and chinese new year not registering.
  • Same here, gourment and flower farms funciton ok, but not main farm.
    cityfarmari @ skn 1
  • Dara (SKN1)Dara (SKN1) SKN1 Posts: 2,638

    Hmmm, do I need to say anything...?

  • When I want to harvest products, appears this massage:

    Eroare generală. Te rugăm să contactezi Serviciul de Asistență Goodgame Studios.

    Command: PBFarmCollectProductsResponse
    ErrorCode: 2
    Timestamp: 1473590283
    Zone: 99
    anakan @ ro 1
  • Jiesta (NL1)Jiesta (NL1) Posts: 6,557
    edited 11.09.2016
    I know @Dara (SKN1), that picture was shown many times in earlier pages of this thread. Did you see that possible harvests don't even count for the other events? And the snowball event just keeps counting snowballs even while we can't harvest anything, and there is no yield at all ...

    I just quit my test farms, enjoying a calm Sunday with just farming my regular farms   ;)

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  • HDS92 (FR1)HDS92 (FR1) Posts: 3
    edited 11.09.2016
    j'espère être sur le bon forum.
    Le bug que je souhaite signaler se rencontre depuis hier soir sur la ferme principale du serveur test (hier = 10/09/2016).
    La tentative de récolte : champs, moulin, composteur, silo, poulailler, étables et porcheries déclenche l'apparition d'une mini-fenetre demandant de contacter le support. La récolte n'est pas comptabilisée dans le stocks, aucun objet n'est récolté, et pas de prise en compte dans la mission en cours (mission coop ou perso).
    Un passage par la carte du monde, puis le retour sir la ferme principale confirme que la récolte est bien "faite" :o
    Pour l'instant la pépinière fonctionne, mais c'est bien la seule !
    Merci de votre aide (et/ou de m'indiquer l'adresse du bon forum si pas le bon)

    Google translation:
    I hope to be on the right forum.
    The bug I would point occurs from last night on the main farm of the test server (yesterday = 10.09.2016).
    The attempt to harvest: fields, mill, compost, silo, barn, stables and pigsties triggers the appearance of a mini-up window asking to contact support. The harvest is not recognized in the stocks, no object is harvested, and not reflected in the current job (coop mission or personal).
    A passage through the world map and then return the main farmhouse Sir confirms that the harvest is "made": o
    For now the nursery works, but it is the only one!
    Thank you for your help (and / or tell me the address of the right forum if not good)

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  • noemi08 (ES1)noemi08 (ES1) ES1 Posts: 14
    hola soy de España y tengo el MISMO POR error Dos Veces error de error 2 y 5
    fimestanp:1473590215 zona 99 repito el error  2 y 5
  • HDS92 (FR1)HDS92 (FR1) Posts: 3
    edited 11.09.2016

    même problème rencontré, cela ne va pas faciliter la finalisation des events ! :'(

    Google translation:

    same problem encountered, it will not facilitate the finalization of the events! '(

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  • vero65 (FR1)vero65 (FR1) FR1 Posts: 6

    same for all members of my coop and myself !! main farmhouse blocked with loss of all crops ...

    idem pour tous les membres de ma coop et moi-même !!  ferme principale bloquée avec perte de toutes les récoltes...
  • I have same problems.
    When I want to harvest any plant or animal, the game write a failure message, and I can't finish all events.
    I deleted all cookie, and deleted the browser history.

    If you can make something, plese help me!

    This is the failure message:

    ggs.JPG 23.8K
    Zsu ;)
  • Yes I am also having the same problems on my main farm.
    GuestCmiller32 @ us 1
  • Yes I am also having the same problems on my main farm.
    same here
    everywhere I click I get this Attention message 
    flory___ @ ro 1
  • Bysel (NL1)Bysel (NL1) Posts: 79
    edited 11.09.2016
    Same problem here! Only on main farm, gourmet farm is all right.
    Also there is a other problem, on the right side it says harvest ready for eggs, but it's not!

    Bysel @ nl 1
  • FIONA25 (IT1)FIONA25 (IT1) IT1 Posts: 10,492
    after maintenance still same problems for harvest

  • Unable to harvest.  Get a Error code 2    
    BigarmChampion @ us 1
  • I have the same problem can't harvest any crops from the field Error message came out like the above Then I try to log out n get back in the crops has gone but didn't recorded in the farm management it just like I never harvest or sow any crops all four fields of wheat gone
  • Sylla51 (DE1)Sylla51 (DE1) DE1 Posts: 35
    edited 11.09.2016
    Hallo hab das gleiche Problem.DAmit Kann man Sich sterben Events auf der Testfarm abschminken. : s

    Google translation:
    Hello have the same Problem.DAmit Can you yourself Events die on the test farm abschminken. : s

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    Farmerin Sylla
  • magra61 (INT1)magra61 (INT1) Posts: 17
    edited 11.09.2016
    Problema anch'io Stesso di Tutti i contadini
    vabbeh il bug ogni tanto ci va ma la risoluzione tempestiva Che Sia Veloce
    il tempo passa, i timer dei bonus finiscono, eventi idem, Perdita di Raccolto, Dollari e oro 
     spero solo Che li rimettano sistemato tutto
     Buon lavoro
    Google translation:
    Same problem I All farmers
    vabbeh the bug occasionally goes there but the timely resolution It Be Fast
    time passes, the end of the bonus timer, ditto events, Loss Crop, Dollars and Gold
      I just hope That rimettano it fixed everything
      good job

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  • karolyi6 (HU1)karolyi6 (HU1) Posts: 6
    edited 11.09.2016
    Nem lehet betakaritani a fő farmon ! Mindig azt irja , "általános hiba " A teszt szerverről van szó ! jó lenne ,ha valaki megcsinálná !

    Google translation:
    May not be harvested from the main farm! He always says, "general failure" is the test server! It would be nice if someone would do!

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  • Having the same thing happening`
  • I'm sorry me again not just the field cannot harvest the whole farm everything cannot harvest at all the mill, all the staples silo composter all come out with an error message
  • Hi, their is a problem with when I collect my harvest and it says "genaral error" and can't do anything because of it.
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