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Unable to harvest when storage is full | "Barn too small" Pop up window



  • I also have the can't harvest issue when storage is full. Frequently when my chicken coops are done I click them to harvest them but the egg sign won't go away and I can't restart them. Moving to a new farm and back does not fix the issue. Logging out and back in they will still show as ready for harvest, but then will at least let me do so. As another has said manually selling before I try to collect will work also, if I realize storage is full!
  • I can not collect the production
    only 1 time a collect the production and from then no more

    i send a ticket on the date of 18aug;
    and still no one answered

    what else can I do?

    Piratuvsbulldog @ ro 1
  • Jiesta (NL1)Jiesta (NL1) Posts: 6,557
    I don't know whether this helps .... but I started my "tester" farm yesterday and couldn't collect my harvest 2x either. Each time I refreshed (Ctrl + F5) and this solved the problem immediately ....

    Maybe you could give it a try?

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    @Piratuvsbulldog3 Thankyou for your report. As a workaround until this bug is fixed, you can try going to your farm management & selling enough of that item to make room for your whole harvest, sometimes the "sell" pop-up is not appearing or does not work correctly.

    Please DO NOT report Test Server bugs to GGS Support, they should be reported only on this forum. Thankyou.

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  • the same bug as :amapola;bernadette02;sky4
    See their photos

    Piratuvsbulldog @ ro 1
  • Having the same problem with the eggs not being able to harvest even with a log out and back.  Wont even let me sell from that pop up screen as there is no pop up screen.  Hopefully this bug is being registered and worked on.  Thanks
  • "Please DO NOT report Test Server bugs to GGS Support, they should be reported only on this forum. "

    so a response from GGS support i will not receive?
    not support team is handling the bugs?

    so the ticket that i send in 18aug will not by answer by the suport team?

    Piratuvsbulldog @ ro 1
  • Hello,
    I switched from red barn on the blue I had a larger capacity storage, but due to change me at harvest after accumulating 535 pieces even though I have written size stores 1000, that I have full warehouses. As if it did not take celikost blue warehouses.
    Sincerely Jiri Dopita
    Jiří Dopita @ cs 1
    Spolek farmářů: Kopřivnice
  • Unable to load the egg into the bakery truck. You can see the truck was loaded the amount but once you turn back to the farm to harvest the excess egg error message will come out as per attached. you check the truck again the number will back to beginning didn't load at all the barn will stuck with the eggs
  • canco (ES1)canco (ES1) ES1 Posts: 655
    to collect pigs, if the storage capacity is close to its maximum does not allow pick, you have to sell first. Then collected.

  • Having trouble collecting the apple orchard when my barns are full.  I sell the amount it tells me to sell by clicking the sell button, but then it will not collect.  I then refresh the game & come back to collect, but it wants me to sell another 10 apples (the amount of bonus apples I get from the apple handbook) before it finally collects. 

    When I check inventory after it finally collects, I have a full barn.

    Seems to only happen on the level 2 orchard so far, I have not noticed this glitch on my level 1 orchard.
  • Ai atins limita.

    Command: PBShopBuyItemResponse
    ErrorCode: 7
    Timestamp: 1472908748
    Zone: 99

    I have nothing in stock

    Piratuvsbulldog @ ro 1
  • Data King (US1)Data King (US1) US1 Posts: 7,994
    Still having trouble harvesting :(

  • I cannot collect eggs when the store is full. No question to sell eggs. Only possible after logout and new Login.

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    Could not harvest eggs today and could not sell on market. Crash? It just kept cycling. 
    margaretleet @ us 1
  • Deshawn1 (US1)Deshawn1 (US1) US1 Posts: 13
    I can collect from lvl2 pigsty, but not lvl1 sty. 
    Deshawn1 @ us 1
  • darsi (DE1)darsi (DE1) Posts: 11
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    Sometimes you cannot earn fruits or eggs etc and you have to restart .....
    darsi @ de 1
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    This cleared up for awhile, but now it's back. When harvesting, if the harvest puts me over the limit of my storage, then the product doesn't harvest. It goes through all the motions of doing a harvest but it doesn't happen. I have to sell off some before I can continue.
    Aunty Mame (test server on US1)
  • canco (ES1)canco (ES1) ES1 Posts: 655
    When I try to collect eggs, and have the store full, not let me.
    I do not get the window option to sell or send the truck. I have to go sell the eggs and empty the warehouse to collect.

  • Classical full barn bug;;; not pleasant, in fact.
    Mamiemikele @ fr 1


    La Green Team

    Coopérative-test : Plan Or Sec
  • Hiya Canco. :)

    Until the bug has been fixed: Usually, the window to sell or send to the market will show up after a relog. Good luck. :) I think the problem occurs when we receive items from the bubbles over workers' heads. Although the items are added to inventory, a graphical glitch doesn't show them. Once the barns are full, the "excessive" goods are causing problems. The relog makes them "visible" and we can then sell or transfer them to the bakery. Noddy.

  • my pigs will not harvest either unless I log off and on again.  It is a pain in the neck.  Actually it is a pain about 3 feet lower than that.
    Gumbyfoofs @ us 1
  • I have the same pig harvest problem for several days
    Zanlia @ WWW 1
  • Why with pigs ? Because with pigs, the barn is soon full !
    Mamiemikele @ fr 1


    La Green Team

    Coopérative-test : Plan Or Sec
  • feathy (GB1)feathy (GB1) GB1 Posts: 39
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    Like others I have had this issue on multiple harvests when the amount in stock plus the amount to be harvested is greater than the warehouse can hold. It seems to happen most after selling produce to the market visitors, there's a discrepancy between the numbers held on the game client and what's held by the server, and thus the server denies the harvest, just like it denies donating, selling, or shipping items where the local game client has a higher count than the server registers.

    Or maybe it's popping the balloon bubbles? Either way, it messes the counts up it seems.
     (Edit: Found the edit button. But this issue does seem linked to the market visitors, specifically the ones that although reward dollars, have no 'happy face' symbol as they leave. For whatever reason, it doesn't decrease the count in the game client. )
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  • Joulali (FR1)Joulali (FR1) FR1 Posts: 9
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    Impossible to collect dandelion, I have a message :"full storage", but I have only 1 dandelion in my stock...

    hello, bug resolved! :)

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    Joulali @ fr 1
  • jules314 (US1)jules314 (US1) US1 Posts: 399
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    According to the game, my barn is too small and I can`t harvest anything without getting this message.

    My inventory is definitely not full.

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  • Joulali (FR1)Joulali (FR1) FR1 Posts: 9
    Help! Another problem in the same farm: impossible to collect the items of the bakery ...
    Joulali @ fr 1
  • Hiya Joulali. :)

    Try reloading the game when you can't collect something. In most cases that helps. Love, Noddy.

  • Pampalábus (CZ1)Pampalábus (CZ1) CZ1 Posts: 282
    Problem with "full storage" on gurman and flower farm...
    If i click on other farm a after i go back, is everythink OK.
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