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  • MASHER2 (RU1)MASHER2 (RU1) RU1 Posts: 12
    That bugs started ( ( ( For vypolnnennye job , pick awards impossible ....
  • gavinfarms (US1)gavinfarms (US1) US1 Posts: 2,273
    What are Village dollars?
  • JVD (US1)JVD (US1) US1 Posts: 2,784
    good question!! inquiring minds would like to know?
  • Michiru (GB1)Michiru (GB1) GB1 Posts: 1,239
    I just noticed that the first level water tower will cost almost 52,000 in gold.  Seriously???  I hope this is a typo.
    The price is so high because you have not reached a level yet where you are supposed to build it. Once you reach it the price will drop down to the normal one, around 1k gold or somesuch. Remember a while back they lifted all locks and offered high gold prices instead for those.. willing.
  • THANK YOU FOR MUCH MORE LAND !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • bonjour

    je suis désolé mais je ne comprends aucune langue étrangère

    donc pour moi impossible de communiquer avec vous

    il me faudrait un forum français

  • That bugs started ( ( ( For vypolnnennye job , pick awards impossible ....
    gefällt mir nicht ich will aus diesem Testserver raus  kleinASU
  • Every body wants to know but no one knows ^^ 
  • Hello,

    Please to be on this new farm design :)

    Here are the first bugs I saw (please excuse my frenglish !) :

    - the remaining production time shows that it is for horse training but in reality it is for the remaining production time of the mine
    - I do not see the greenhouse when I am on the principal farm, but I can see it on the other farms
    - the bio market ask me for products I do not have in stock (but I did not sell any product at all)
    - when I want to water the coop tree, there is a message that it is impossible to do, but I can do it
    - when I want to go on some farms outside my coop, system is blocked and I am obliged to reload bigfarm, but this bug is random, for some farms it works and for others it does not work

    Good play to all of you

    Calamity Jane


  • eilenna (DE1)eilenna (DE1) DE1 Posts: 60
    Habe Probleme, wenn ich Aufgaben erfüllt habe, kann ich die Belohnung nicht abholen, stehen schon fünf da.
    Neustart hilft nicht


  • I have an "edit"-cogwheel on other people's posts. Don't think I should be allowed to edit them. o:)
    And it works too..  :o How creepy.
    What did you do to my post Michiru ? :'(
    I was curious to find out if we could truly change a post, so I took away one of your double questionmarks.. Sorry, I feel terrible. Here, have a cake while we are waiting for the test server, I hear whispers it's started on US server..

    Thanks for the cake Michiru!
    [No worries! Had seen all the text was as I wrote it.]

    I'm in!
    The harvest-corn-intro-circle thing wasn't centered on the field.
    But I'm in!

    ***Off to explore test server with cake in hand.***

    Hallo Heidi, geht mir ähnlich, ich kann kein Englisch und nun?
    Können wir hier auch in deutsch schreiben?

    ich bin französich und ich kann schreiben en français or in englich. Du kannst auch in Deutsch schreiben :)

    Bonjour je suis québécoise
    et je comprends un peu l'anglais
    Est-ce que je peux écrire mes bugs en FRANCAIS ?

    Je croyais qu'il y aurait un forum pour chaque langue  :-)

  • Bonjour,

    Non apparemment il faut faire les commentaires en anglais :)

    Calamity Jane
  • ProUser02 (FR1)ProUser02 (FR1) Posts: 1,066
    edited 22.08.2016
    bonjour! je vois que le mystère reste entier :)!

    Google translation:
    Hello! I see that the mystery remains :)!

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  • lotus bleu (FR1)lotus bleu (FR1) FR1 Posts: 361
    Hi, It is certainly one of novelties which BF wants to test on us...just wait and see  :)
  • There is a signpost across the river from the garage to "Cooperative Village"...  Possibly a connection, maybe we spend our village dollars there. :)
  • MoonBlossom (PT1)MoonBlossom (PT1) PT1 Posts: 1,114
    Just as side note it would be nice if the maintenance logo appear when server is down.
  • Yes, I think so, too. I guess that we will be able to spend these village dollars there after we reached a certain level or after our alliance reached a certain level. 
  • hi, can´t water the trees of my neighbors in my alliance - it doesnt changed to the other farms, must restart after i try it.second one... not all money from the visitors of the market are counted to the farmdollars. pls fix it ..thx bine
  • orange/reddish bills with something like letter "A" on it?

  • tototo (FR1)tototo (FR1) FR1 Posts: 1,757
    BUG: cannot visit other farms of coop.
    - goto coop chat
    - select a member
    - use green arrow on a not connected member
    - big farm hangs during message "loading game components"
  • i wanted to ask the same
  • I am wondering about that too
  • 2 bugs on my test site farm. Started August 17 and continues today. 

    PROBLEM 1: Can't log into test farm using Goggle Chrome. When I enter my password it says password is wrong.. I am able to use test farm when using Internet Explorer as both my login name and password is correctly recognized. This bug is minor inconvenience but still a bug that is problematic.

    PROBLEM @: This one is MAJOR snafu. When I finished with a task (example: 'Upgrade your farm by purchasing land I do not get credit for purchase nor does it give me any new task to complete. Since I'm not gettin monies earned it's making it very hard to get my farm to grow.

    Other then these 2 problems I really like the new design and overall I am pleased with the game's ease of use.

  • Sa11y (US1)Sa11y (US1) US1 Posts: 109
    My thought is it will be co-op dollars-as that is what the village would consist of is other members in a co-op....
  • I added dollars to my COOP and it didn't change the village dollars
  • Nemain (IT1)Nemain (IT1) IT1 Posts: 1,576
    perhaps they should be the reward for a new level reached with the coop ?

    and....what is "coop happines "???
  • I love the new layout.  Good Job. I hope it goes to the live game. Thank you for the chance to check it out.
  • Ellipse44 (FR1)Ellipse44 (FR1) Posts: 66
    edited 18.08.2016
    Comment moved on the French thread in the test forum.

    ------------------------ TRADUCTION français -------------------------------------------

    Post déplacé sur le fil de discussion français dans le forum test.

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  • We can't pay coop researches with dollars until level 25 !!!! 
    Without gold wee can't do a lot of things and we have to wait a lot. 

    theres is no fortune's wheel, i won a chip but i can use it
  • hi,
    I was hoping for more positions between the representant and member statuts in a cooperative.  I do know for a fact that there is many more status in GGS Empire.  The same could be applicable to this game.  Many use there little posting place in there cooperative to mention who is responsable of what.  Official titles would allow a better knowledge for other members and keep the little posting place for other important stuff such has cooperative rules.

    Exemple; treasurer (the one who is in charge to make sure everyone gives its due or the way the coop s money is used.
    tacticien; design or analyse the coop s tactic
    project manager; in charge of the cooperative objects and the list of projects
    adviser; would be in charge to advise new players or the aspect of a farm, the building present on the farm, etc.

    Although, i do realise its a new server and further updates will follow.

    Thx Locheia

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