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cryptic reward

GG people,  WHY do you do this?  Logged in trying to harvest…  some thing pops in my face saying "YOU WON."
Ok, won what?  How? Where?   I click the rewards link only nothing is available.  If this is for the village thing I can't even participate in that.  Seems my coop doesn't have enough people.   (There is only me and two others who never show up.  I have sent out invites, no takers.)
I'm not even bothering with that on my real farms because it doesn't make any sense.  NO instructions, I exchanged money on one farm but not a clue what to do with it or why I would want to so I just ignore the thing. 

Hard to ignore something that pops in my face though.   (First thing you do is blast junk in my face.  News letter, what you won today… I do wish that were in a menu somewhere I could access IF and WHEN I want to.  First thing I do is click it all off.
UserDIgger @ us 1
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