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Hidden decorations too early in decorations's tower?

barakafrit (FR1)barakafrit (FR1) Posts: 637
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When you buy a farmland containing a hidden decoration it is directly  added to the decoration collection tower (proposed to be validated) before farmland is undergrowthed (and the decoration isnt added to the drop box or the local inventory at this time).
This shoudn't be done after the farmland is undergrowthed ?

EDIT :to be precise i had bought 2 farmlands containing hidden décorations at the same time when this happens, perhaps it's a step to be able to reproduce this behavior in case of bug :

Best regards.
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  • Well the system already knows about the decoration, as soon as you buy the land the happiness increases, that's the same with the tower. I think it works the same way on the live servers :)

    black-.-angel @ cs 1
  • I think it works the same way on the live servers :)
    I can't remember :smile:
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