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Bug: related to speeding up by donating in coop village

mia111 (GB1)mia111 (GB1) GB1 Posts: 741
edited 10.11.2016 in Bugs
- Bug Description - please describe your problem in Detail: 
We speed up the M&M factory (4 players, multiple donations) and apart from getting 0xp points (when we should have gotten several millions), there is another bug.
The last donation doesn't bring the construction slot to 0 even though the building is done (see image below)

And if you click in the blue speed up button you get the following error:

- When did the problem happen?
When speeding up the minerals and metals factory

- What did you do before the problem happened?
somebody else did the last donation needed to speed up the factory.

- Can you reproduce the problem? If yes, how?
Yes, every time you click the blue arrow. Leaving to another farm and coming back doesn't clear the building slot. Reloading the game clears the building slot for the person that reloads the game, not for the rest of the coop players.

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