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(Suggestion) Monkey Thingy

I think we are all familiar with this by now:

   On my part, it was a long and painful event, even with all boosters running. But what I didn't liked most of it is, we are not all born in the year of monkey. So why not to make it as a weeklies and give us the rest of figurines? Some would probably try to collect them all, but all I want is my year I am born in. It would be more interesting to see other missing years, like horse, dragon, pig or rat...it would add more variety and a little bit more fun to see something different. The pedestal and the other parts could stay the same, only the "monkey" part could be changeable...what do you guys think? 


  • Damaria3 (US1)Damaria3 (US1) US1 Posts: 1,737
    I am a horse and dont really think that background would look good with a horse but I really like your idea I am very tired of the repetition of events now rarely am I doing the weeklys my farms are set and done. We need some real new life breathed into the game these changes on test server is a start but I think more is needed.
  • Humm..background  could be changed somehow, can't imagine how it would look like with other figurines, probably all would need some small changes..but the matching birth year would be nice to have :) 
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