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Opinion: Changes I would like to see.

Geedah (US1)Geedah (US1) US1 Posts: 35
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I really like the faster play with the sped-up drop rate, reduced time for build-out completions, and higher experience point awards.  Could you make this appear more often, or at least set the speed of these features somewhere in-between the norm and the present?

I like that the Hard Worker event has an extended completion time.  It gives me hope that I will actually finish one without spending lots of gold.

Two of the weeklong events, "Once Upon A Time" and "A Real Adventure" (camping) seem to me to require far too much in the way of produce to "make available."  These are difficult, if not impossible, to complete in the time periods available, even with the 50% time reduction.  Please give some thought to reducing the quantities required for these events.

I would like to see the Laboratory, Matilda's Academy, and Lester's Secret Stash have more levels with lower completion costs.  I think you would have more takers with smaller steps.  Also, in the Laboratory, the cost to reach levels where the special potions are usable is prohibitive.  There is no incentive to continue to higher levels with such costs.  Also, perhaps you could have a combination of farm cash and gold in a set ratio to purchase these levels.

Finally, the Vendor is not giving good value for the prices he requires.  Could you adjust these prices downward?  I think the tendency of many players is just to avoid features that seem unfair or too expensive.  If you lower prices/costs (and advertise the changes appropriately), you will have more participation; that's simple economics.

Otherwise, I'm having a great time.  I have been playing BF for about three years and enjoy it alot.

Addendum:  I would like to see the water drops show at a faster rate.
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  • Rusty Farmer (AU1)Rusty Farmer (AU1) AU1 Posts: 1,681
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    I've never liked the "make available" tasks, particularly when you are struggling to build your farm in its relatively early stages. Asking for 100 fertilizer at a crucial development time is a discouragement to continue playing, methinks.
  • Vivienne (AU1)Vivienne (AU1) AU1 Posts: 24
    It would be great if we could see how many feeds/fertilizes we have for apples/cows/chickens - like we are having these features on the live farm. 
  • Data King (US1)Data King (US1) US1 Posts: 7,917
    Hey MarvRobTest (TEST-SERVER1) these things have been asked for before but to no avail :( As this is a long term game or can be sped up with use of gold, I do not think much is going to change other than them adding more stuff for us to do and use. Like real life those that have the money get ahead quicker 

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