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[SUGG] Move the cars in the parking lot.

Hello !!

I had an idea like that ...  :p

What if we could change the place of cars in our parking lot !?!  ;)

This would help players to choose to highlight the events they want to prioritize !!  :)

'Cause when we see too many at the same time and we are not interested at all, we risk to forget those we really want !!  :#

What do you think of the idea ?!?  ;)


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  • EmaAndMe (US1)EmaAndMe (US1) Posts: 227
    edited 21.08.2016
    Actually I like it. It's annoying to go and wander about and look for a particular event vehicle when others events are done, or we are simply not interested. 
  • biboun-nini (FR1)biboun-nini (FR1) FR1 Posts: 101
    I think it's a good idea! So we could highlight the events preferred and those we do not want elsewhere :)
    biboun-nini @ fr 1
  • Nemain (IT1)Nemain (IT1) IT1 Posts: 1,576
    it's a very good idea
    or ,at least, to put autotically in the back zone the event that we have already completed
    nihal @ au 1
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