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winter and 3 years event drop rates

Locheia (FR1)Locheia (FR1) Posts: 102
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I might been mistaken since its been a long time but seems to me the drop rate was much higher when these event went on in the normal server.  I only get objects for these event every once in a while.  To top it up, the drop bonus does not apply to these event so its about sure I wont be able to finish these 2 events.

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  • The Festive Spirit drop rate is way too low. If you compare it to all of the other running events, it seems to drop less than half as often. Nobody I know will be likely to finish it, even though we are players that play for hours daily.
  • Rita77 (BR1)Rita77 (BR1) BR1 Posts: 2,719
    I agree with you.
  • Yeah, on top of that, we have the firework bonus, so if the event, in "normal" circunstances, would have half the progress this event has... That would be impossible!

    Or, maybe, there might be a bug with the firework... Maybe the firework doesn't work in that event!
  • I noticed the same issue
  • The drop for that event is almost nil.  I am still on 134 our of 400 and I have 1 day left.  All the over pigs and such I have finished days ago.  And even with the booster this event is not even coming close to getting to the half way point much less finishing and I have the game running almost 18hrs.
  • I also noticed the drop rate is ridiculous. I have just less than half the total needed with 1 day left. I upgraded my mill, and I still only drop 1. Composter 1. All animals 1. Silo 1. The fireworks booster is not working properly. 

    It's a shame. I finished all the timed events in 1 day. FInished the 3 year event (yay no flag!) no problem. The Christmas tree will just have to run out the timer.
  • bdreish (GB1)bdreish (GB1) GB1 Posts: 1,341
    Same as all above, only 136 out of 500.  Lucky to get 1 from 4 fields. Think it WILL  be Christmas before I finish this one.
  • Lesley52 (GB1)Lesley52 (GB1) Posts: 1,590
    I wont finish  Xmas task Will be funnny if GGS offer me decor for X amount of gold. Hoping when timer stops That's it no more test, but others have different times on timers. Not knowing is making me hold back on research + projects ,time could run out before ends
  • Same issue here. I will not finish it in time. I get 1 drop for everything you harvest. Usually the drop rate differs from where you are collecting them from. Its just 1 for everything. I can harvest my entire farm and I might only get 1 drop for this.
  • Kimmiecat (NL1)Kimmiecat (NL1) NL1 Posts: 995
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    With less than 2 hours to go, I collected 231 items out of the 500 needed. So if the fireworkbooster would have worked, I probably would have managed. This event seems the only one not working (so far) with the booster.
  • Veld (US1)Veld (US1) US1 Posts: 19
    Not working for me too, and frustrating, as for the first time ever I've been able to finish the chain quests (e.g., Chinese festival, scouts camping). 
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