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Seperate Market's Places

bobols (FR1)bobols (FR1) Posts: 32
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Finally it's not so bad to have a different specific market for each farms but if i'm in my principal farm i can't see customers in other, it may be good to have a signal for customers ?
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  • biboun-nini (FR1)biboun-nini (FR1) FR1 Posts: 101
    Yes, it's true that having a different market for each firm, it does not bother me. But a signal that tells us that we have customers who want to purchase products on-farm would be nice.
  • There are too many individual markets. Need to swap too much between farms and most of the time the marketdeals do not show on the general map. 
    The one market in the original game was way more convenient.
  • lotus bleu (FR1)lotus bleu (FR1) FR1 Posts: 361
    i dont' like this individuals markets; like ingesK said, need to swap too much is not fun
    it goes on contradiction with the nice and useful world map

  • rheanneke (NL1)rheanneke (NL1) NL1 Posts: 79
    the only market that is clickable, and the only one i can use is the market on the main farm.
    I cant open the market on gourmet/flower/horse
    the neighbours can be helped on gourmetfarm, but they dont pay :-(
    they only pay on the mainfarm, and they all pay :smile:
  • Jiesta (NL1)Jiesta (NL1) Posts: 6,557
    Since I had a late start, the only farm I have up until now is the Main farm .... and there the neighbors indeed don't pay for the goods I give them. Sorry to miss all those extra % !!  :'(

    Nasty thingy is that they walk away with a smile above their heads, and showing this +20% (or less) while I won't get a dime ... bit sarcastic if you ask me! Image result for smiley tapping feet
  • Vessarria (US1)Vessarria (US1) US1 Posts: 86
    My gourmet neighbors are honest and pay.  My main farm neighbors well, if they come in by two's one distracts me and they both run off with the goods and smileee and don't pay (crafty lil boogers).  IF they come in one by one its about 80/20 pay.  So yeah I hired some security  and put up some cameras so I can catch them maybe!!! lol
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    I'm also having an issue with customers not paying at the market, 80/20 sounds about right. Seems like this started after helping George out so he could keep his farm. Also, just after helping him, he offers to match me 7,500 gold just after I had spent my gold down to 6,500, over the next 24 hours. Not buying gold in the test site, obviously.

    Other than that, test site is fun, quick, different starting fresh knowing what I know from the live site. Thanks for the break.

  • I have a similar problem with the market walk-ups not paying sometimes, though I have not been able to figure out why some do and some do not.

    As for the split market, I prefer the old consolidated market better given that it was more convenient with less farm switching, and they are identical once you open them anyways. But if you wish to keep them split, please do like has been suggested above and add an indicator when there is a walk-up on another farm.
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