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  • Scifi (GB1)Scifi (GB1) GB1 Posts: 78

    All my Co-Op cannot harvest our crops.   Also the Packing Machine has Frozen,

    with all scores not advancing....   Another Bug...?

  • Well, that extra day for the china event effectively stole a whole day for all other events.
  • sziasztok a megnyert majmot nem engedi kirakni miért,
    virágGamer7 @ hu 1
  • Ilse (HU1)Ilse (HU1) HU1 Posts: 120


    - No tasks left on this farm
    - The Racing Farmer: Fresh and new: MMO of the year 2013
    - unchanged since the first day the farm is useless

    Ilse @ hu 1
  • Hi all.
    Why not include accelerators? Why no salute? Time to complete the event in Hawaii has decreased. Had previously included these functions.
    Please do not complicate our life)
  • Bojchy23 (INT1)Bojchy23 (INT1) INT1 Posts: 11
    i play the test server but did not receive the decorition chicken bush others have already made
    Bojchy23 @ WWW 1
  • Après de multiples tests et essais, il semble que les collectes de morceaux de carte, lucioles et autres empreintes soient très difficiles.
    En effet sur 7 champs, souvent je collecte rien du tout ou seulement une empreinte
    Du coup c'est quasi impossible d'avoir la récompense de l'évènement

    Traduction google
    After numerous tests and tests, it seems that collecting chips, fireflies and other fingerprints is very difficult.
    Indeed on 7 fields, often I collect nothing at all or only an imprint
    So it's almost impossible to have the reward of the event
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