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  • Emma Ai (FR1)Emma Ai (FR1) Posts: 1,089
    Génial, bonne idée. Merci / Yes, good idea. Thank you

    Il est l'heure pour moi de partir. Bon jeu à tous et merci pour tout  :*

  • I'm curious, can you clarify if I'm seeing something wrong? The fireworks booster is on, so that means double the number of items dropped from fields during events? 

    When I harvest from the fields and see the herbs and float items show up, they only show as 1 each. Wouldn't the fireworks booster make it 2? Same goes for the snowballs.
    I think for some of these items, it's not twice as many drops at once but rather twice the chance for dropping the usual amount each time. I might be wrong though - it's just a rumour I've read.
  • Geedah (US1)Geedah (US1) US1 Posts: 35
    edited 19.08.2016
    I think you should change the orphanage charity drive reward to a list from which one can choose.  No point in accumulating half a dozen telescopes.
    Geedah @ us 1
  • I'm sorry, when you write:

    Additionally, we will activate some deals and will credit the following to all players:

    - 10.000 gold
    - 100.000 Dollars

    the crediting of gold and dollars will be made on the farm testserver1?


    Yes on the test server. You are in the test server forums. Didn't you link here from the test server? If not, you should go get onto the test server. The instructions on how to are at the log on page of the other forums for your active game. Then you can get the rewards for testing the new game features too.
    Have a great day!

  • jwllmsjnb (US1)jwllmsjnb (US1) US1 Posts: 409
    I opened all the deco events at the same time and got immediate completion credit for the first step of each one. Was this supposed to happen?

    “Every successful individual knows that his or her achievement depends on a community of persons working together.” – Paul Ryan
    Thanks to @farmerjohn 22 (US1)
  • Got Camping, UFO, Fairy Tale and Hawaii. Asia event is missing and drop rates are decreased a lot from regular drops on normal server. Plus cooperative search screen works terrible. I can only see few coops on page and refreshing or going back and fourth does not help with searching.
    Baltica @ us 1
  • Dana26 (FR1)Dana26 (FR1) FR1 Posts: 35
    Great fun running four weekly events at the same time (plus the smaller ones): no need to say reaching higher levels gets easier. I've made it to level 19 without having to use too much gold
    Asian event not on display as most players report and I am not too keen on the daily task requiring us to buy gold.
    Thanks for this forum : it was completely empty before ... this morning and for improving things thins so quickly. It is so enjoyable that I will go back to playing as obviously, I have not explore everything yet.

    Dana26 @ fr 1
  • Cobra37 (ES1)Cobra37 (ES1) ES1 Posts: 37
    edited 26.08.2016
    Me gusta este nuevo servidor,con todas sus misiones en marcha,los graficos son realmente bonitos,gracias por el regalo de dolares y oros,hay algunos fallos pero ya sabemos es un servidor de prueba...tengamos paciencia

    Google translation:
    I like this new server, with all its missions underway, the graphics are really beautiful, thank you for the gift of dollars and gold, there are some flaws but we know it is a test server ... let us have patience

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  • angie50 (GB1)angie50 (GB1) GB1 Posts: 223
    hi i just want to say the new server , i love it , plenty of things to do , upto now everything is running great.

    thankyou for all what u av done , its BRILL :)))))
  • ProUser02 (FR1)ProUser02 (FR1) Posts: 1,066
    edited 26.08.2016
    Back to nature - seems impossible to get any logs for fire from apple orchard, have harvested several times and so has my coop member without getting anything

    Problem solved :)

    had to harvest 4 times before i got the logs
    idem. cet event ne marche pas.

    Google translation:
    idem. this event does not.

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    Merci à Cel pour ces superbes avatar et signature!
  • mse (PL1)mse (PL1) PL1 Posts: 144

    BF, this is a very good move :)

    Paweł, Poland

  • wow6 (IN1)wow6 (IN1) IN1 Posts: 23
    i haven't received the free gift yet. Is this happening with everyone?
    You will have to be level 8 or more to receive the free gift.


    i got on level 2
  • ritacba1 (AU1)ritacba1 (AU1) AU1 Posts: 266
    love all the events. would be great to have them all the time. then i could choose which i wanted to do. and some work well together as well. really love it.
    ritacba1 @ au 1
  • I completed  the out of this world event and built the observatory but it it just squares. The decoration does not show. However, I did get the happiness points.  I also have a  system freeze when trying to view the festive event.

           Signature created by: farmerjohn 22 (US1)
  • wow6 (IN1)wow6 (IN1) IN1 Posts: 23
    i did not found any event , i m on level 5
  • 'm enjoying doing mulitple events - but there is so much stuff being generated from eeach harvest, I can't see if anything is missing!!!
  • Dara (SKN1)Dara (SKN1) SKN1 Posts: 2,638
    Lot of events yup. Funny :) Already finished Weekly events but never seen Evas bees??? Should she be here in my farm? 
    Soon level 25.... Frida, Omar, Twins, Vicky, Monty what else...? But no Eva or Greta. 

  • biboun-nini (FR1)biboun-nini (FR1) FR1 Posts: 101
    Hello everybody,

    for weekly events (hawai, camping, UFO etc.) I think it's good to have all together and I would like it to stay that way in the future, with the ability to choose which event you want to do every week :) This would be able to further customize your game is our firm by getting the decorations that we love the most, more often :)

    For Asia event it is actually absent, it's a shame ....
    biboun-nini @ fr 1
  • tram (ES1)tram (ES1) ES1 Posts: 342
    Buenas tardes;
     Me ha gustado mucho hacer todos los eventos al tiempo, claro a nivel 1, porque si no es complicado sobre todo por el tema de las manzanas.
    Tengo un problema al finalizar el evento de no es de este mundo he escogido el Observatorio de Plutón la decoración no se termina de visualizar ni en la caja de las decoraciones ni cuando la pones en  la granja.
    Es la única que me ha dado problemas, he limpiado con el c-cleaner  y sigue igual.
     Good afternoon;
      I liked very much to make  all events at the same time, of course at level 1, because if it's not complicated especially by the topic of apples.
    I have a problem at the end of the event is not of this world, I have chosen the Observatory Pluton decoration. I can no see the  decoration when i put into the farm.
    It is the only one that has given me problems, I cleaned with the c-cleaner and still the same.
    tram @ es 1
  • carrotland (IT1)carrotland (IT1) Posts: 3
    edited 21.08.2016
    easier and faster game.
    beautiful the chance to do multiple events at the same time and be able to pick up objects everywhere.
    some hang of the game if I have to water the tree of the allies or open an event 
    to see how much I miss the end
  • Gincopr (US1)Gincopr (US1) US1 Posts: 46
    Love Love Love the boosters and all the events out there at once!  Great Layout on everything!!  I have been 'exploring" !  Looking forward to what's happening next!!  Kudos to you all!   The only event deco  my particular farm is "hiding" is from Not of this World... The plutox obsevatory I can place  however it just shows the grid on my farm  not the actual observatory!  The observatory can be seen in the decoration collection tower on my farm!  I am having fun with all the new features!   

    Gincopr @ us1
  • How do I sign on to the test game?
  • Kimmiecat (NL1)Kimmiecat (NL1) NL1 Posts: 995
    edited 22.08.2016
    Clicking on the Christmas Collecting Event to see the progress the game broke down several times. 
    I clicked on the Christmas event and directly after that on the horses in the right window and the game switched to the horseranch and then froze completely. The Christmas event did not show my progress....it did nothing.

    I recreated this problem (not on purpose) : I went to the map, then back to my main farm. Then the Christmas event was no longer cklickable. Then I went to the horse farm and everything froze. By refreshing the page, the game was ok again.
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    Kimmiecat@NL1   /   Member of the Dutch coop "Zeeuwsche Unie" 

  • ape-regina (INT1)ape-regina (INT1) INT1 Posts: 45
    Today August 22, 2016 continues to be invisible the Plutox Observatory decoration. In addition is invisible also the flag of the 3 years of Big Farm

  • I've enjoyed the "All Events" test - I was able to complete the regular weekly events with no problem (Alien, Hawaii, Camping, Fairy Tale), the increased drop rate definitely helped move those along quickly.  Also piggies did well and finished as quickly as I would expect with the upped drop rate.  I'm finding the Float and most especially Festive Spirit to not be moving quite so well.  I'm at 179/400 on the float, which is so/so.  But only 93/500 on Festive Spirit - I'd expect that to be much higher after 4 days of solid play with booster drop rates.  I'm also experiencing the same glitch when clicking on Festive Spirit - I can get the pop up the first time I click on it, but if I click it again it crashes the game.  I also have the Plutox glitch, I selected it as my prize and placed it on my farm, but it is invisible.  This has been a fun test and has definitely kept me on the test server more than I expected to be!
  • I don't like having all events at one time. Some may think this fun . Would not be fun on real farm trying to all those events,mission,plus help with co op project.Think I would just quit playing if this happen on real farm. Would be too stressful trying to do everything. A game is suppose to be something to have fun with not stress you out.
  • SANG43 (BR1)SANG43 (BR1) BR1 Posts: 57
    edited 23.08.2016
    Olá pessoal, venho até aqui para informa-los que a minha maquina força total está já a três dias sem funcionar está parada ,

    Google translation:
    Hello guys, come here to inform you that my machine full force is already three days without work is stopped,

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    SANG43 @ pt 1
  • CM Latten said:

    This will be the message popping up when the boosters and your cash to test arrives on the test server :) 
    lool very simple, but in the real ;)
  • biboun-nini (FR1)biboun-nini (FR1) FR1 Posts: 101
    I don't like having all events at one time. Some may think this fun . Would not be fun on real farm trying to all those events,mission,plus help with co op project.Think I would just quit playing if this happen on real farm. Would be too stressful trying to do everything. A game is suppose to be something to have fun with not stress you out.
    If we try to do everything that's on it would be too stressful ... Even if it is not the aim I think ... However, the fact of having the same time, teach us to choose which event we want to do without trying to all do because it is not possible ... in addition, it could further customize our farms ... Example: if i want my farm is in the colors of asia, I can do several weeks later Asia event! :) I find it therefore very positive :) not you?

    Si on essaie de tout faire, c'est sur que cela serait trop stressant... Même si ce n'est pas le but je pense... Cependant, le fait de les avoir en même temps, nous apprendrait à choisir quel évenement on veut faire, sans essayer de tous les faire, car ce n'est pas possible... De plus, on pourrait encore plus personnaliser nos fermes... Exemple: si je veux que ma ferme soit aux couleurs de l'asie, je peux faire plusieurs semaines à la suite, l'évenement Asie! :) Je trouve cela donc tres positif :) pas vous?
    biboun-nini @ fr 1
  • jennifer4 (US1)jennifer4 (US1) Posts: 168
    edited 23.08.2016
    I don't need to be taught anything. With decos now you can choose which decos you want on farm. All you have to do is demolish ones you don't want to upgrade the ones you do want on farm.
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