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finished task bar but cannot receive reward



  • Flederfalle (DE1)Flederfalle (DE1) Posts: 1,765
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    I cleared my flash cache (deleted everything in the flash storage from goodgamestudios, and had to re-login, of course), which seems to have revived my task bar.

    It's going to be interesting to see if next midnight causes the same issues ...
  • HipJulie (GB1)HipJulie (GB1) GB1 Posts: 1
       I'm finding the same problem - having to harvest eggs and sell them to raise game cash - progress is slow and cant advance to lvl 2 - I also really wanted to test this version and it looks like it will be really good but I've no way of progressing - Anyone have any ideas how to help this.
  • Data King (US1)Data King (US1) US1 Posts: 7,994
    My collection of items now works as well as the completed task/quest issues now works :)
  • xyzx (PL1)xyzx (PL1) Posts: 371
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    Rano weszłam i wreszcie się odblokowało:) Od razu z 6 na 8 poziom wskoczyłam:)

    In the morning I went and finally unblocked :) immediately from 6 to 8 level jumped :)
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  • ProUser02 (FR1)ProUser02 (FR1) Posts: 1,066
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    quand on a fini les tâches, celles-ci ne disparaissent pas de la barre.

    par exemple, le chien reste à nourrir.

    les missions sont récompensées une fois sur 2. pour la seconde j'ai fini première, j'ai eu une belle annonce et c'est tout!

    Google translation:
    when we finished the work, they do not disappear from the bar.

    for example, the dog remains to feed.

    missions are rewarded once 2. for the second I finished first, I had a good ad and that's it!

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  • Hiya. :)

    This seems to have been a problem of last night (European time), I was stuck too so logged off for the night. Today, when I logged back in, the problem was solved. Check if you can advance now. The test server will have many problems; if problems persist, it may be a good idea to check the forum for posts regarding your problem and take a break.

    How to get back to your live farm:
    a) log off from the test server by using the log-out button
    (the icon is an arrow pointing to the right in the middle of a door and can be found amongst the four icons in a cube: forum/log-out/settings/support - on the top of your screen left of the speech bubble with the exclamation mark that says "tell us what you think")
    b) click "reconnect" (this will take you back to the log-in screen)
    c) on the log-in screen, change the server (and if needed the language) on the bottom of the screen (language flag for language, server where you should see "TEST-server 1") and wait for the login-page to reload. Then, in the top right corner of the login-screen, enter your username of your live farm and your password. If you leave the "save password" box checked, then you'll have to log off from your live farm to get back to the test server. If you uncheck "save password", then you have to enter your name every time you log off (even if your game crashes). Rememer to always make sure you're choosing the right server (and language). To avoid having to change servers all the time, you could use a different browser for the test farm. Not all browser combinations work, but I know that using Firefox & Opera works and think that Firefox and Chrome should also work.

    I hope this helps. Noddy.
  • Wunderblume (DE1)Wunderblume (DE1) DE1 Posts: 508
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    Funktionierte einwandfrei heute :)

    Google translation:
    Worked flawlessly today :)


    Problem solved --> closing thread ;) (black-.-angel)
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