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Organic Market - Customers Not Completing Orders & Other Issues



  • Okay, you know when the neighbors walk up to the organic market with the bubble over their heads letting you know what their ordering? Well, when I click on the bubble and give them their product, they turn around and walk without paying. I refresh the game and it helps for maybe 12 seconds and then no money again. Please help.
                                                                                                                                                   Thank You,
  • MrHaney (US1)MrHaney (US1) US1 Posts: 13
    After selling product to a customer, she turns to leave, but gets stuck in the mud. Her feet are moving, but the customer does not exit the OM. New customers come and go without issue. I waited 30 minutes and the queue filled with three more customers. I serviced the three, but the original customer still just moving her feet. Its time to service the ship now, so I do. When I returned to the main farm, she was gone. I will miss her. ;-)

  • Maybe she was taking a mud bath like rhinos do..  :D
  • Same thing is happening with my farm. Have sold numerous items since I started and it has not corrected. Just sold apples, corn, cherries, eggs, and pigs. Items just disappear and no renumeration is received. Usually the neighbors walk away, but it isn't happening here.
  • de serge (FR1)de serge (FR1) FR1 Posts: 27
    it is the same thing for me
  • Vessarria (US1)Vessarria (US1) US1 Posts: 86
    Ditto to the above . If I go to the gourmet and then back to the main farm the first couple will pay then they do their thieving again, I do believe they are planning a Neighborhood Luau As they keep taking pigs and apples..hmmm lol  ohhh And all my security cameras and other security is not catching them.(Sigh)
  • I have had the same problems with the balloon sales folks. No money given for product. I stopped selling and it just hangs there. Can't level up because I am not able to sell and receive the money I need to level up or finish tasks.
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    I haven't caught them stealing yet, but they definitely are wasting my time. They come, hang around and, when asked what they want, they walk away (except for the occasional jogger who takes a few laps then leaves). The number of paying customers has increased though. Now I would say that only 6 of 10 customers walk away (instead of the 8-9/10 that I was getting).

    (ok, I've just caught my first thief stealing. She asked me for eggs and when I gave them to her, she ran off without paying.)

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  • Organic market customers keep on robbing us blind!  :s
    Please GGS find a solution for this soon, will ya? 
  • Sometimes when a person appears at the organic market wanting to buy something and I click on them they just walk away without buying the stuff.  The stuff was still in inventory and my money didn't go up.  Have noticed it usually happens when someone wants to buy something that someone else wanted previously in the game session. 
  • Can't sell apples in farm management or to complete tasks.
  • Data King (US1)Data King (US1) US1 Posts: 7,994
    Still having some trouble with the walk up customers. Either not paying or taking  goods.
  • Also having the same problem, customers taking off without paying.  Will have to keep an eye on this, just noticed it happening.
  • I am getting a lot of requests for pigs and today none of my customers are paying for the purchases!
  • I wonder whether this bug (neighbours do not pay) isn't the cause of that second bug (full-barn-bug), bad display of the production quantity when you sell to the neighbours producing trouble in the barn.

  • Bill4112 (US1)Bill4112 (US1) US1 Posts: 72
    I continue to try to sell to the organic market visitors, but I try NOT to sell to those who offer very little anyway (wildflower buyers, for example). While I can detect no obvious pattern regarding this bug, I've noticed that the tall, thin guy with the (relatively) big black head seems to pay less often than the other characters. The problem occurs on both my main farm and my gourmet farm. (I don't have the flower farm yet.) I continue to sell because I need the cash and most of the time the sale goes through.
  • i am not getting paid from the side-line buyers
  • At my main farm the neighbor customers walk off with goods without paying, thats not the case at the gourmet farm... so guess where I sell my goods ? ;o)

    Selling directly 'out of the stables' works as well
  • At my main farm the neighbor customers walk off with goods without paying, thats not the case at the gourmet farm... so guess where I sell my goods ? ;o)
    Having the same problem.
  • I filled a order at the organic market and this message appeared....There aren't enough items available.
    Command: PBMainmarketDonateResponse
    ErrorCode: 4
    Timestamp: 1473898038
    Zone: 99
  • This morning I have experience a few organic farm customer not paying their good and left, once incident that I saw the ticket worth 4280 they took the goods by no money added to my account, why make us keep losing money
  • On a level 32 farm, market customers (specially very thin lady) now not paying for goods
  • ok I noticed this is starting to happen again today and yesterday on the test server. Also was suppose to get gold when I leveled up and I do not think that happened. I just leveled up again and no gold. big bummer as I can not use gold for the community village.
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