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Organic Market - Customers Not Completing Orders & Other Issues



  • Jiesta (NL1)Jiesta (NL1) Posts: 6,557
    Buenas tardes mis vecinos se van con las compras y no pagan
    Ya es conocido y Goodgame Studios se tratará de resolver el problema. ¡Gracias por compartir!
  • haemophile (GB1)haemophile (GB1) Posts: 14
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    it seems that the barn full glitch can be cured by entering farm management and manually selling the product that is full and the walkers can be reactivated by changing farms even if they are not open change then change back and they will work fine

    if you have the barn full glitch active it stops you from changing back to the farm with the tick if you change farms 

    ie i change to gourmet farm while barn full glitch is active then i cannot change back to main farm via the side menu i have to use the icon inside the farm this works fine

    if the organic market customers are not paying then when they are standing there at the market with the icon above their head

    change to a different farm and then change back and then the graphics will work fine when you click on a customer

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  • Goat food from the mill does not get into the stall
  • Data King (US1)Data King (US1) US1 Posts: 7,994
    Goat food from the mill does not get into the stall
    You are right it goes into your inventory ;) just click on the goat then click on the feed in the ring to feed.
  • TinaM1 (US1)TinaM1 (US1) US1 Posts: 122
    There is still an issue with the customer in the organic market. Some of them buy the products and pay for them, but even today, there are still customers who take the products and do not pay for it. It's one thing when they are low paying items, but when it's stuff from the bakery, it's crazy!!  That's where you make the extra money at. Not sure if anyone else is still having these issues or not.
  • carjola (AU1)carjola (AU1) AU1 Posts: 252
    I am having the same problem, this morning all customers were paying normally for produce now I have had 3 customers in a row taking produce without paying again, so the problem hasn't been properly fixed with the recent bug fix.
  • farmer mike (US1)farmer mike (US1) Posts: 11
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    some items still not gotten paid (money added to account) milk & pigs, apples and wildflowers seems to be working when sold (income added to account).
  • synergylw (US1)synergylw (US1) US1 Posts: 54
    Same problem with my farm, the walk-ups take my goods and leave no cash, can we arrest them
  • the neighbor comes and buys and the next comes and leaves without paying and then another comes and leaves without doing anything.  
  • tem acontecido de os clientes do mercado não pagarem pelos produtos comigo também, mas não notei se os produtos foram entregues! 
  • MrHaney (US1)MrHaney (US1) US1 Posts: 13
    Nobody is stealing. The transaction seems to take place on the server. Only the graphic display of the transaction appears to be blocked. If you check your inventory, you will see no items were taken. Everyone seems to only notice the money is not being credited to their balance. The customer appears to just walk away.

    Purchases from the vendor are affected as well. Harvesting is also impacted if the barn is full because the pop up window "Barn is full" does not appear and harvest cannot take place. This all seems to have started with Lester wanting me to be his neighbor and seems to happen at random times.

    After a logout and login, the cash balance and inventories appear to be correct. The problem disappears for a while and then returns.

  • When I click the person/item next to the farmers market it does not give any dollar graphics or cash.

    Happens intermittently but more likely on baked goods.

    Attached images of the before and after.

  • Sa11y (US1)Sa11y (US1) US1 Posts: 109
    Refresh your screen and the dollars are added.

  • Has failed for all my customers after posting this and refreshing
  • Neighbors asked but do not pay
  • friendlyfar (US1)friendlyfar (US1) Posts: 30
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    Violets are also not selling to the customers at the market.

    so I just noticed the customer wanted the fruit cake and nothing went to him, he went away no money to me and I checked inventory and I have the fruit cake but can't sell it either.  So, I'm just guessing but maybe these things are linked some how.

    Hate to keep talking about same problem, but jus now the customer asked for violets, and when I clicked on him, he gave me the money this time

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  • tat384 (RU1)tat384 (RU1) Posts: 7
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    Покупатели на рынке товар забирают и уходят не платя, их деньги появляются на счете только после перезагрузки игры, но это очень не удобно - после каждого клиента на рынке перезагружать игру

    Google translation:

    Buyers in the market of goods and take leave without paying their money to appear on the account only after you restart the game, but it is not very convenient - after each client on the market to restart the game


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  • I'm having the same issue of market customers not paying. The items sold are removed from my inventory but the payment is not forthcoming. It's a little frustrating, especially for the quests that want you to make 'x' amount of dollars. it won't apply towards that.
  • I left my farm running while I went to swap laundry loads. When I returned I had the follow error:

    This is an invalid ID.

    Command: PBEditorTimeEndResponse
    ErrorCode: 3
    Timestamp: 1472652111
    Zone: 99

    I was able to click the OK and continue farming as if nothing had happened, but no idea why it popped up.

  • azzurro (IT1)azzurro (IT1) Posts: 81
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    salve vorrei rilevare un  problema gli omini al mercato non mi pagano

    Google translation:

    hello I would like to point out a problem in the men do not pay me the market


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  • sc2 (FR1)sc2 (FR1) Posts: 72
    The problem is more and more important ; most neighbours don't pay and don't take products. Until now it was only sometimes.
  • I try to sell stuff to customers at the fair on my main farm but I sometimes don't receive my money - happening more recently than before.
    gourmet farm is paying out ok - so far
  • jules314 (US1)jules314 (US1) US1 Posts: 399
    My customers regularly ask for items and then when I click on them they simply walk away. No cash given, and I don't believe inventory changes as well.

    I am purposely holding onto inventory for these customers and it is a bit frustrating to see them come up asking for what I want to sell, but can't because of this technical issue.
  • shazamd (US1)shazamd (US1) US1 Posts: 766
    If you refresh the game the dollar amount should be applied.  It's tedious to keep having to do it, though.
  • JVD (US1)JVD (US1) US1 Posts: 2,784
    If you refresh the game the dollar amount should be applied.  It's tedious to keep having to do it, though.
    this is not always the case.... they are still stealing and not paying no matter how many times I refresh, reboot, clear cache etc.
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    but they are counting correctly

    I fail - they also are not counting

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    Customers walking away without paying or taking anything. This just started happening about an hour ago and continues off and on.  If I have 10 customers, atleast 8 of them will walk away empty-handed when I click on them. :-( 
  • bulubla (INT1)bulubla (INT1) INT1 Posts: 99
    My neighbors walking off without paying, OK, if I refresh I get paid, it's the extra 20% if I'm quick, that really hurts,
    Please, Please, Please fix it
  • I'm having the same problem as so many people. Customers arrive at the market and steal my produce. I have been keeping an eye on this for days now. More often than not, when the customers show up and I sell my wares, the quantity of my product goes down, but I receive no money. Refreshing does nothing. They're just straight up stealing. This is a MAJOR bug that needs to be fixed ASAP. Newbie farms are too reliant on every single sale. If profits are being stolen to the point that growth is hindered, what's the point in wasting time on this farm? Makes me appreciate my non-test-server farm a lot more, for sure!
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