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Unable to visit farms of other players, water trees [FIXED]



  • @apfelbaum68 (DE1)  curious are those players offline?  It seems that I run into problems when my teamates are offline - more often than not.
  • The player was online, because I said that but he could visit my farm just fine, he also said he watered my tree, but it didn't show up.
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  • I can't even find my coop's farms. they don't show up in the village. I can't find the tab at bottom of screen to visit my village. I tried just clicking on their names but it freezes at loading assets screen. It doesn't matter if they are online or offline.
  • I am trying to visit my other coop member farms but not able to do so. I am only getting this image and the game is not moving ahead. This has started happening just now.

  • hamsterine (INT1)hamsterine (INT1) INT1 Posts: 16
    cant give water to the trees to the other members
  • I think it occurs to visiting only logout(not green dot) members.
  • Dara (SKN1)Dara (SKN1) SKN1 Posts: 2,638
    Trying to water trees, freezes the game...

    Always when i log in, i have 2 vendors standing in there, after a while, other one goes away :)

    When i log in, and go to co'op page, all other members are level one or two. I have to log out and back in before i can see their real levels.

  • I can water every tree except my co-op captains tree. The game just freezes and I have to reload every time. Her tree is going to wilt! :wink:
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  • Monica-63 (IT1)Monica-63 (IT1) IT1 Posts: 216
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    quando vado ad innaffiare gli alberi della coop si blocca il gioco, devo ricaricare la pagina

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    when I go to water the trees of the coop freezes the game, I have to reload the page

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    Monica63Player @ it 1
  • aaabbb1 (INT1)aaabbb1 (INT1) INT1 Posts: 1,049
    Same here.

  • 1. while trying to get to the neighbors - the game crashes
    2. League tree- watered impossible.
    3.  go to another farm can only be here - http://f2.s.qip.ru/eLuklerp.png
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  • hello,
    the alliance trees can not be pour.

  • same as EnochNock I did the same yesterday and was able to water but today when I try to go into a fellow members farm,  game freeze
  • I have the same problem..tried to go the the coop trees through the task arrow but it freeze and i have to reload the game. I tried going through the coop trees and member list  and success..:)
  • katounette831 (FR1)katounette831 (FR1) FR1 Posts: 694
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    j'ai le même problème, impossible d'aller chez les membres non connecté

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    I have the same problem, you can not go to the unconnected members

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  • Damaria3 (US1)Damaria3 (US1) US1 Posts: 1,737
    originally I did water everyones tree but now 8 hr later cant the game freezes
  • I am having the same problem but when some members join my coop they have no problems.
  • CIRENE (ES1)CIRENE (ES1) ES1 Posts: 202
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    no deja regar los arboles coperativos, riegas uno y cuando vas a por el segundo, se bloquea

    a nosotros tampoco nos deja regar los arboles

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    leaves no watering cooperative trees, water them one and when you go for the second, crashes

    us not let us watering the trees

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    veliche @ es 1
  • Fraiserie (FR1)Fraiserie (FR1) Posts: 5
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    Je ne peux pas arroser les arbres des autres membres de ma coopérative.
    Merci pour ce jeu test.
    Bonne journée

    Google Translate:
    I can not water the trees of the other members of my union.
    Thank you for this test play.
    Have a good day

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    Fraiserie @ fr 1
  • Ines 2014 (DE1)Ines 2014 (DE1) DE1 Posts: 695
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    Kann die Bäume der Mitglieder nicht gießen. 
    Über die Rangliste kann ich andere Farmen besuchen aber nicht über die Suchoption

    Ich habe für 6.000 farmdollar waren verkauft und nach dem einloggen waren die waren und auch die dollar nicht mehr da

    Den Nachbarn verkaufe ich Waren und die werden nicht gut geschrieben

    Google Translate:
    Can not watering the trees of the members.
    I can About the rankings but other farms not visit through the search option

    I've sold 6,000 were farm dollar and after were log the goods and the dollar no longer there

    Neighbors I sell goods and which are not well written

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  • azery4 (FR1)azery4 (FR1) Posts: 111
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    Je ne peux arroser les arbres que sur les fermes connectées.

    I can water the trees on the farms connected.

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    azery4 @ fr 1
  • jola62 (PL1)jola62 (PL1) PL1 Posts: 1,167
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    Na czterech członków, jedynie dwa z mojego sojuszu Idzie odwiedzić. (To są CI SAMI współpracy na podstawowym serwerze) inne osoby  gra SIĘ zawiesza mi potrzebny zresetować przeglądarki.

    Google Translate:
    At four members, only two of my alliance is coming to visit. (These are the same co-operation on the primary server) other person hangs I need to reset the browser.

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    jola62 @ pl 1
  • smokingyo (FR1)smokingyo (FR1) Posts: 559
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    that bug happens only for disconnected accounts

    that's ok for all green points

    same thing here, no possibilities for spraying off line co-opers

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  • ascoli (DE1)ascoli (DE1) DE1 Posts: 237
    Also I cannot spray the trees of the other team- members. I am unable to go to other farms
    ascoli @ de 1
  • same here..not visiting hours perhaps?  :D
  • Solaria (FR1)Solaria (FR1) Posts: 23
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    JE ne peux pas arroser les arbres des membres non connectés de la coop : le jeu bloque et on doit se reconnecter

    Google Translate:

    I can not water the trees unconnected co-op members: the game stops and you must reconnect

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  • I get the message elements are loaded, but nothing happens

  • BigLaulau (FR1)BigLaulau (FR1) FR1 Posts: 38
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    j ai en effet le souci aussi
    impossible d arroser l arbre de la coop

    probleme aussi avec les décos,impossible de les remettre une fois qu elles sont dans l inventaire

    Google Translate:
    I have in fact also concern
    impossible to water the tree of coop

    problem also with decorations, impossible to recover once that they are in inventory

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    BigLaulau @ fr 1
  • Hello !!
    Seems that we can not water the trees of the players who are not connected to their game ....
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  • nannsi (SKN1)nannsi (SKN1) SKN1 Posts: 325
    Same problem, tried every way to go to other coop members farm, but game just froze

    nannsi @ SKN1 

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