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  • like every event you clowns come up want to much and the prizes stink to the high heavens
    Раздел: The Village Fair Комментарий от bigez (US1) 12.01.2020
  • well i decided i will not spend another penny on this already charge way to much for a bunch of garbage and the gold is not worth any thing
    Раздел: Sales Tax for US Players Комментарий от bigez (US1) 07.01.2020
  • stick the happy holidays up your butt that offends is merry christmas
    Раздел: Happy Holidays and Happy New Year To Everyone :) Комментарий от bigez (US1) 26.12.2019
  • ok what i am saying is after you do your 8 spins and go to the jack pot spin                 and when you spin it and if you get a free spin you lose 
    Раздел: wheel of fortune Комментарий от bigez (US1) 25.12.2019
  • as for me i do not see a reason to do the give the good prizes to the gold and master coops get all the good stuff and same ones win all the give me one good reason i should use my materials and get trash back.not gonna happ…
    Раздел: Just complaining Комментарий от bigez (US1) 13.11.2019
  • it does not matter not even gonna do it not worth the cost
    Раздел: The Village Fair Комментарий от bigez (US1) 09.11.2019
  • (Quote) 
that happens to me all the time .so i decided i am doing as little as possible in the championship it is not worth the cost
    Раздел: Farmers League Комментарий от bigez (US1) 07.11.2019
  • why is it every time you upgrade this game it screws up quit adding stuff that does not belong on a farm and quit catering to the high ranking cooperatives
    Раздел: opinions Комментарий от bigez (US1) 29.10.2019
  • big farm thinks people are stupid.they set up things that they know most farmers will never  be able to complete but they keep giving the top cooperatives   the best prizes and they keep telling us this game is fair such a big lie
    Раздел: Punishment Park Комментарий от bigez (US1) 10.07.2019
  • i always wonder how certain groups that have 50 or 60 players and all of them have tons of gold how can a group have all rich people in it. dont seem right some one has to be sponsering them or theres some big cheating going on
    Раздел: Mismatched Missions - Unfair? Комментарий от bigez (US1) 05.05.2018