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Oh I know about the timer as we always get that, but with this being a new style of championship it would be nice to be able to let our coop members know when they can expect this new style championship to start instead of some members only having a few hrs notice to prepare due their family and work commitments,…
  • While it is a good idea to have coops competing against others of similar strength etc, there is one question I would like answering but have not yet found the answer to nor can find anyone that has already asked it. This is, When are you going to start the championship?

Until it starts there are going to be many…
  • I have been making candy yet am getting nothing for my candy palace. Each time i go to move the vouchers to the palace i have nothing there so i cannot get the various levels done in the candy palace. What is the point of setting levels in the palace if the game isn't generating the vouchers even though we put in the hard…
  • I have found that if i watch the videos for the free items and use the quarry to mine gold then i have enough and dont have to purchase any gold
    Раздел: Gold ridden game Комментарий от Mommasfarm (GB1) 28.12.2015
  • If you cant log in then try the obvious things first. Try first to clear Cookies and cache, but it looks at times like the game server cannot cope with the volume of traffic into the game. Also ensure you have the correct updates on your pc and they are not interfering with the game Sometimes all you can do is the obvious…
  • This is sounding more and more like a disgruntled player who was a leader, deputy, but was demoted and removed from the coop for whatever reason and now wants revenge on the coop leader. If this is the case a leader can promote and demote anyone they want to and can remove any player without a reason. Most of us coop…
    Раздел: Reporting players Комментарий от Mommasfarm (GB1) 08.12.2015
  • I have players in my coop that started the event but physically cannot finish it due to their work. One of which needs an item that takes 10hrs to make and even if they manage to be online every 10 hrs there is no way they will complete the list. Can you please set the amount needed for the lists at a sensible level so…
  • You cannot expect support to reply immediatly as they are busy dealing with many issues.

I contacted support about the the problem I have and they replied a few days later and again today You want immediate action but it isnt going to happen immediatly as you want it. Support like proof when putting in a complaint…
    Раздел: Reporting players Комментарий от Mommasfarm (GB1) 03.12.2015
  • Ive notified the coop leaders where this player is and sent them a couple of the messages ive had sent to me so the leaders can judge for themselves, and it seems the player is also sending upsetting messages to other people Ive reported it to support but it can take time and the last time i needed help from support they…
    Раздел: Reporting players Комментарий от Mommasfarm (GB1) 24.11.2015
  • This is all because i refused to give out details on my age and my coop members ages or tell the person if i have any children in my coop. She will send abusive messages and then if not replied to within half a hr she starts a torrent of abusive messages that really does sound like it is a adult and is worrying that they…
    Раздел: Reporting players Комментарий от Mommasfarm (GB1) 21.11.2015
  • What do we do when there is only 9 mushrooms on the farm and NOT 10? Several people have now looked on my farm and there is def NOT 10 there
  • Some members of our coop cant get videos and some can. Some that can get videos get a choice of what they want to receive, eg gold, cash and feed while others get no choices and only get the mystery boxes. Nothing is consistent here

When will you make it so that everyone gets the same benefits? I know people with…
  • We can visit each others farms to water the coop trees but how about also letting us water each others dogs in the coop for random bonuses?
    Раздел: Suggestion: Feeding Coop Dogs Комментарий от Mommasfarm (GB1) 28.08.2015