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  • My event notification button is also stuck on my screen.  And ironically it appeared to notify me of a mood survey.  But having it stuck on my screen is now making my mood even less positive than before and I want to take that survey again!  Not onl…
  • Same issue today.  Me and another coop member did not receive the daily tasks today but other coop members did.
    Раздел: greta's world Комментарий от Farmer Deb (US1) 20.12.2020
  • The kite booster will not work if it is in inventory or on the Decoration Valley
    Раздел: do kites have to take flight!?!?!? Комментарий от Farmer Deb (US1) 27.08.2020
  • If someone told me the game was going to be making changes for growth, I would expect to see new events being added with some fresh, never before seen prizes to win.  Something that would excite the people that have been playing for years and encour…
    Раздел: Village Fair and COOP HWE at same time Комментарий от Farmer Deb (US1) 27.08.2020
  • These 2 events running at the same time makes absolutely no sense from a player's point of view. Does the person who made this decision even play this game?  My coop made the decision to skip the VF and just leisurely play the CHWE.  The prizes aren…
    Раздел: Village Fair and COOP HWE at same time Комментарий от Farmer Deb (US1) 19.08.2020
  • A day or two off between events ended with the Farmer's League.  And then combining the Village Fair and the FHWE events allowed them to run the CC more often.  I'm not sure why those needed to be combined.  CC, HWE, VF, CHWE and FHWE gives them 5 m…
    Раздел: Constant Rotation of VFs and CCs Комментарий от Farmer Deb (US1) 12.08.2020
  • Here's the screenshots for mine at lvl 8 and lvl 9
    Раздел: FHWE herring timer Комментарий от Farmer Deb (US1) 09.08.2020
  • My coop's biggest complaint with the CC is the frequency.  It takes time to build up your resources in order to really compete and the more often they have them, the harder it gets, especially for my lower level players.  And it just gets really bor…
    Раздел: CC again Комментарий от Farmer Deb (US1) 12.07.2020
  • My coop has, several times, had a new player start a 13 hour challenge.  Though I'm sure there are some that join just to sabotage another coop, I don't believe this is the norm.  A new player that has never experienced Village Fair before sees a ne…
    Раздел: Village Fair Changes Комментарий от Farmer Deb (US1) 11.07.2020
  • I don't personally use pranks because like ninjahuman said, I'm just trying to earn points quickly rather than take 1st place.  However, I wouldn't get upset if someone used a prank on me.  I understand others taking the stand of it being unsportsma…
  • The St. Patrick's event may not be in my top 5 of faves, and I do get a little disappointed when I find the leprechaun and have a prank added to my inventory, but, I have also gotten gold a few times and enjoyed the boost that he gave to some of my …
    Раздел: prank issue Комментарий от Farmer Deb (US1) 24.03.2020
  • I also see no reason to demolish anything in dreamworld.  The only thing you get to take with you when it ends is unused gold that you purchased.  So any dream dollars you earn from demolishing is lost when the even…
    Раздел: Tessa's Dream World! Комментарий от Farmer Deb (US1) 02.03.2020
  • I don't know how it decides what gets deleted if there are not enough slots but the exclamation points mean you don't have enough supplies for that set.

    Would it be easier to make a set for the least amount of slots and then add an item f…
  • Let's just hope that when it returns all the hard work rewards haven't been replaced with new Village Fair coins. That seems to be a trend.
    Раздел: The Village Fair Комментарий от Farmer Deb (US1) 19.02.2020
  • (Quote) My notes show the last Village Fair was Jan. 9th
    Раздел: The Village Fair Комментарий от Farmer Deb (US1) 19.02.2020
  • Thank you so much for your guide @ninjahuman (AU1)  I didn't really pay much attention to Pleasure Park until I read your advice on here a w…
    Раздел: Pleasure Park Guide Комментарий от Farmer Deb (US1) 28.01.2020
  • A member of my coop has never been able to get her subscription button to work.  She's tried different browsers, cleared cache, history, done the hokey pokey and turned herself around but...nope.  And contacting support was no support at all.  They …
    Раздел: FAQ - Subscription packages Комментарий от Farmer Deb (US1) 20.12.2019
  • First Name: Aranyásó
    From: A small Hungarian town called Godollo
    Why: She is here to take...swindle, give riches to poor farmers
    Раздел: Forum Contest - Hokus Pokus! Комментарий от Farmer Deb (US1) 13.12.2019
  • I understand it to mean that your coop has collected 48,225 out of the 33,288 needed.  You needed 33,288 to earn the 25% bonus.  When you earn that amount again, or when you double 33,288, you will earn booster time for the next challenge.  So you n…
    Раздел: Village fair confusion Комментарий от Farmer Deb (US1) 11.12.2019