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  • 4 Mockingbirds, 3 French hens, 2 Turtledoves & a scared Emu up a Gum Tree...sorry, had to....Did you all sing it?? lol
  • @"Data King (US1)" Thanks for letting me know, I figured that was the case. I hope they make that one of the changes for the good at some point. Even if they make it so you can move them only when the decoration truck is there, that would be good. :) 
  • wind up pigs/cows, barking chickens, sandy/rocky/water logged fields, another George shheesh!! lol...
  • @"qewt (US1)" Oh sorry. Was an oversight, it' was early and I hadn't my coffee yet! lol :p Have editied!
  • That has happened to me as well @"Tinzen (SKN1)" but I waited til the refresh button can be clicked again and it showed the correct qty after I clicked it. But Definitely another glitch. There are so many that my brain can't hold them all in my memory. :p So I will have to wait til one happens again to post it here lol
  • All I can say is that I'll try, but can't promise as no-one knows it's going to happen. We need before and after shots so unless we remember to screenshot the start of every mission, hoping to catch it, it's not an easy thing to do. But we can all only try it this way I guess. Maybe someone will get lucky. It is a major…
  • Ah Jinkies!! I'm so sorry @"Southern (US1)" I honestly thought you were a Mod!! It's coz you are so knowledgeable with most things! Maybe you should be a Mod hehe I'd certainly vote for you. ;) Sincere Apologies to you and thank you for tagging the Mods. :)
  • Thanks @"ninjahuman (AU1)"
  • I have the stand alone browser and it works well, mostly! I still have certain times where it is slow typing etc. This usually is from bad lag in the game. Try logging out and back in again. This usually works for me. Hope it helps :)
  • Ok Thanks guys. The flag in the co-op below us has been there for nearly 2 weeks now so I thought I'd ask in case something had changed regarding Village Challenges and I've missed it.
  • lol, yep, saw that after I posted, sorry Guys :blush:
  • Welcome @PicklePaws Sorry this is belated. Having trouble with logging in. I hope you enjoy your new job :) And to the Other Mods @"Southern (US1)" @WascallyWabbit @CuddlyFoxes Hope this helps alleviate a bit of work for you all :) P.S. Think you need to change your News Desk Pic to include PicklePaws hehe. :wink:
  • I asked this question about a week back and was told that there won't be another Fish HWE during the WWCC and they aren't sure when it will be after that.
  • The same thing happened with the New event on Gourmet Farm. The drop rate for items was unrealistic there too. I think that someone must have forgotten to change a few things in the code. And this Event....well let's see... Rigmarole: a lengthy and complicated procedure. that right!! lol I just gave up on both,…
  • Thank you @"ninjahuman (AU1)" & @PicklePaws for your answers. :) It's a bummer that it is so long before we see it again. I certainly hope they don't decide to get rid of this Event. It's one of the best ones they have!
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lol Nice answer Southern. :D
    în Fish HWE Comentat de Wons (AU1) 11.01.2018
  • Not trying to be pushy but @"Southern (US1)" thought it would help to tag a Mod. :p
    în Fish HWE Comentat de Wons (AU1) 11.01.2018