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  • Oh ok. Thank you @FuzzyBear. I didn't realize there was a difference lol.
  • I forgot that this happens. It took 5 refreshes but I think it's righted itself....for now! ....(NEXT Glitch!! lol) Thanks @"Southern (US1)" :)
  • Yep, same thing is happening with the Apiaries. Wanting me to sell honey when I am no-where near capacity. ↓↓↓↓↓↓
  • Hi Mods, @WascallyWabbit @CuddlyFoxes @PicklePaws @RowdyRac I was just in a mission and there was a a big glitch. Screen shot only shows the mission I was in. Sorry.When the mission started I had 4 fields of Special corn ready or almost done. I clicked to get my first field which had 550 corn but when I clicked, the…
lol It is a typo.It was a corn mission. Sorry Everyone & Thanks for pointing it out Data King
  • I know many have said this before, as I have, but...It would be great if we could sell the unwanted boats in our inventory in the deep sea fishing instead of just deleting them. After all, we have earned them as Rewards and it doesn't seem right to have to just delete them if they are not wanted. It's like throwing away a…
  • Totally agree with this suggestion. @"Uncle John (GB1)" is right, don't do the CC like you want to win, just cruise & maybe get a few rewards along the way. That's how we are doing it in my Co-op. :) It's so much better that way.To us, it's not a competition, it's a game. After all, that's why we started playing BF in the…
  • A Big Welcome @WiseWing & the best of luck with everything :)
  • Hey guys,Just wondering if anyone has an idea on when the FHWE starts? Event calendar says its today but there's no time stated. Thanks for any replies. ::smile:
  • Seems as tho there are a lot of the same things that people want to have changed and I for one think that they are very reasonable requests. I agree with what @MRG1 ; has suggested and I'm sure there are a multitude of other things from players. GGS needs to also modify that survey they send us. It is so long winded that I…
  • @"garybaldy (GB1)" Lol probably dead on with that. :D
  • I don't have them either. Maybe before my time. Been here only 4½ years tho. Give or take a couple of months :)
  • @"nannsi (SKN1)"Doesn't sound right to me, it's usually a 3 day event?? Edit: Mine says the same. Hmmm....?? @RowdyRac @PicklePaws @CuddlyFoxes
  • Hi Everyone :) My name is what my Partner decided to use for me just after we first got together. I did ask him why once and he told me it was for 2 reasons.Because he felt that he was very lucky when we got together and felt like he had 'Won' big for the first time in his life.And also because it's kind of an abbreviation…
  • I've been looking around the forum & I can't find anything on the new 'Big Farm Club' button at the bottom of the screen (In Game) either.Does anyone know anything about this? @RowdyRac @PicklePaws @CuddlyFoxes Sorry, it's just that some of the guys in my co-op have been asking. Thanks for any reply. ::smile:
  • Not sure if anyone else is having the same problem but, Can someone please check into and fix the bug that is causing me and others in my co-op, to not receive our Ranking Rewards. We have just finished the CHWE and the pop up said we had 'shorter times' reward for 24 hours but this is the second time that I & some in our…
  • Thanks @"ninjahuman (AU1)" Tried that and it gave me the upgrade time bonus but not for harvesting, producing. Also don't have the indicator at the top to show me how much time is left.It's a strange one?I hope they will look into it and fix whatever the problem is. Thank you again for your advice ::smile:
  • I know there's only 1 day left of the CHWE & our co-op has been doing it but we still can't see our rank on the chart. We have to have made some points by now....right??? Just that the last page the bottom co-op has a 0 points ranking and they are there at the bottom. We don't show up on any of the pages so just wondered,…
  • Once you are able to build the stackmaster @"Jett.C (INT1)" , you can then 'activate' it before starting your missions and it will enable you to shelve a mission without posting any product. This will then let you start another mission straight away, multiple times. But, bear in mind that you only have a limited time that…