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  • When harvesting the fishing bait i made using the fishing area spot (the timer is also shown on flower farm), the timer is not showing anything at flower farm after reloading. So i have not have any production if i trust the next harvest timer on the right side. Probably harvesting the fishing bait using the flower farm is…
  • There are multiple bugs that are bad for GGS that are still in the game but this bug was only here for a short while and you get banned for that. Wow, this is a good way to lower the amount of players on your servers, punishing the players while it your own damn fault. Just rollback the land i bought and leave my money…
  • After the 4th hotfix (YEAH 4TH) today it now says my farm is blocked and i need to contact costumer support. You all know how long that will take for the to answer. Why block my farm out of the blue?
  • Yeah i saw BIG but i did not saw it on bug forum, you were faster on general discussion page. It must be a INT server thingy. Too bad moderators can't do anything besides trying to talk to the employees and try to get it true to them to fix this for a couple of players.
  • I am going to say farewell to this forum and some of you wonderful people on it. There is no need to be here when real life has so much to offer (love, new job, new hobby's and way more) at the moment, more then a game or forum can offer me. So farewell to all, you will never see me on this forum again.
  • And pop-up keeps destroying the purpose of this game. Finishing a mission, scoring allot of points, i get a pop-up for my mission that is finished, get a pop-up with rewards our coop earned and a pop-up with new rewards won in world CC. I am not complaining about the rewards, just complaining and making a statement that…
  • I hear that challenging Lester, George and Tessa is very rewarding, isn't this a form of distortion of this competition. I am done with competing against them and i can never get those points when challenging them.
  • All those pop-up that are in the game at this moment does not have anything to do with gold sales. - Collecting fishing boats - HWE reward - World CC rewards - Finishing missions - The news at the beginning Some things are just useless!! Why do i want to see a pop-up when i finish a mission when i shelved with 0? Why do i…
  • So giving us even more things we do not even want? Village is a dead end to most coops and you are giving us rewards to use there? When will GGS listen to the players instead of doing their own thing all the time? I do like that there are many bug fixes, let's see if it will be like last time. Last update the should have…
  • I still do not see why there are updates that add more bugs then they fix? What is the purpose of a test server if there is no actual testing? Why are people playing the test server and is GGS listening to players if they put in bug? I know for a fact that testing helps with and should be done before putting an update to…
  • Are there any plans on removing the pop-up when collecting your boats? We get a pop-up with fish collected but this is the only place on all our farms that have a pop-up with what we get. This is so annoying when you need to collect 14 boats every time you get back from work, sleep or anything else.
  • Yeah a list with bugs that i can take of my list (if they are indeed fixed), so i can add a couple more bugs threads to this forum i have lying around here ;)