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Moliugas (LT1)
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  • Look for the Fisherman tasks, on the left side panel, on your main and flower farms
  • None of the monuments on farms are showing on what they have been upgraded and what bonus they are having. I think its just display issue, but at least its nice to know what bonus your monuments are giving.
  • For fish its unlimited.
  • New CC starting tomorrow. It should be new spring season for masters CC, any news about it??
  • A long time ago here was an announcement that inactive players will not receive rewards in events. Maybe someone could find a link to this announcement. So if you want to receive CC rewards you cant finish this event with 0 reputation points.
  • Hi, I spot this bug some time ago already, and had a topic here without any responses But you can use this bug as a "feature" too. Lol...Just keep this player…
  • Thanks for the great contest :)
  • Hi, I'm from LT1 server. I have no lobster orders in fish market for a very long time already. About two years ago i remember i had an order which was asking for 9000+ lobsters, but it happened just once. That time very rarely were having orders for a small amount, but now no orders for lobsters at all. Also i read in some…
  • When CHWE started i also noticed that after i switched on my booster, machine was not adding booster points in graphic view. But refreshing score i think was more often than once per second. It means its still counting booster points. Just check your score totals per minute, not per second and you will see that booster…
  • Jetty leaves dock always on the same time, twice on a day 00:00 CET and 12:00 CET. Just coming time is different and it depends on Jettys hull repair percentage when it left dock the last time. The more percentage is repaired, the earlier its coming back to the dock.
  • In the system there are still available old style fields crops graphics so i would suggest if any kind of humus is used then instead of signs at the field end make different crops look like in example below. Top line old style crops which would represent crops without any kind of humus, and lower line fileds, on which any…
  • Lets say it counts not feed weight, but how many feed bags produced. Just count how many "+" sign you press in the mill before starting production and it will be your points.Example for mill lvl 9 max is 32 bags (=32 points). And it has noting related with library books, with books you will have heavier feed bags, but…
  • Does stacking available on factory buildings? If subscription is available then free autorepeat is avalable only on fields, gardens and animal farms.
  • its always 60, but in higher level production is much faster. lvl 1 - 25 min lvl2 - 8 min lvl3 - 2 min lvl4 - 30 sec
  • First of all you need to finish Olegs 26 tasks.Read this tutorial:
  • When you open Olegs tools box drag and drop simple bass bait from the left side to the right side (equipment side). Also to the right side add some hooks. Make sure you dont have any more red exclamation marks and go fishing.When in the fishing area use "+" sign to use your simple bass bait.
  • Sveika :) This is english forum, so ask a question in english and answer for you will be much faster.Try to buy new simple bass bait 1x for dollars, not for gold and use it.There is full Olegs tasks list:
  • I think all events are not so drastic to the servers. But all animation when players do harvesting is a killing thing to the systems. And there is already an option in the settings for showing or not animation. But in either way its selected or not all anmation is still there :( Why not just hide all drops animation when…