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  • Hi Clinn, If all goes well, this should be fixed in our next update. Best regards, myLAAN
  • Hi clinn, I will look into it for the next update. While you can create a horse with an arbitrary high level without raising its rarity by using only the horse meadow (improving only the basic attributes to increase the horse level without ever breeding in the stable), I agree the current way is very restrictive for horses…
I have read the entire conversation, Southern's response on why the cash licences work the way they do was spot on so I just replied to what was yet unanswered. That most people don't have the need to upgrade the mine is fine, no feature is there for everyone. Upgrading the mine definitely isn't, it's for people who…
Hi Saugata, There haven't been any changes to the ordinary mystery boxes, just to the new ones.
Hi dchen, The upgrade is there for players who have a surplus of GMLs - it's only useful if you can't use up all the GMLs you have. In that case, it's a great investment with no downsides. And then there are completionists who like to build :smile: So far, both categories add up to thousands fully leveled up…
Yes, currently, the Irish chicken coop is only available through Flash Sales (when they are running).
  • Hi dchen, I believe you are correct. The market reward system is automatic and tied to other systems, so this slipped by us during that update. That's also why the fix will need a lot testing, so it might take some time before you'll see the change ingame. Edit: Actually, we have already changed it during that update, but…
Hi Rocky and ashim, The 53-54 point was indeed where the happiness became way more dificult. It was the point higher level players should've reached quite easily and thus got a deco comparable to the Snowman (likely with some village happiness on top). Going past that point was aimed mostly at those who wanted to…
Hi Lana, For the themed events like Asia, these collectible drops are definitely the hardest part. We have an idea for improving these events (which would include changing these drops) but no plan to change them in the near future, sorry.
  • @"Michiru (GB1)" I totally get your candy withdrawal, I'm also mighty grumpy without my morning sugar rush but sometimes we must cut down on what we love :'( @"Teejay52 (INT1)" If I'm adding more stuff of what's already in the game (like the new farm machines), the most important thing is keeping the same logic, so that it…
  • Regarding the toolbox drop rate, I'll first try to explain why your composters sometimes drop 1 and sometimes 0 and then I'll touch on the possibility of tuning the numbers: 1) The drop mechanic is one of the clunkiest we have in Big Farm. It is hard to work with and hard to understand for new players because of the random…
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  • Thanks for the warm welcomes, everyone! I'll be trying to reply to everything so if it feels like my answers don't go deep enough, it's likely because of lack of time (although sometimes I just can't give an answer because of confidentiality, I'll try to indicate when that's the case).