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  • Used to play very regularly, and regularly purchased gold. I lapsed for a while and re-started playing occasionally recently. But the game is now unplayable, so sadly I won't be playing at all any longer and I certainly won't be buying any more gold.
  • Thanks Latten, much appreciated
    în Pranks Comentat de Emma66 (GB1) 19.07.2016
  • 55 times in two days - you would get bored with it believe me
    în Pranks Comentat de Emma66 (GB1) 19.07.2016
  • I don't pay to win and I frequently don't come first, I am being targetted because another player has a vendetta against me because I left his co-op, I never use pranks and being constantly pranked by someone isn't fun
    în Pranks Comentat de Emma66 (GB1) 19.07.2016
  • Most people are lovely, and I have recieved lots of gifts (as well as given lots of gifts),unfortunately there are a few cowardly bullies out there who hide behind alt farms to attempt to bully players off the game. Placing a limit on the amount of pranks a player could use against another would at least limit this.
    în Pranks Comentat de Emma66 (GB1) 18.07.2016
  • Thanks for the suggestion Dharu, but I don't see what support can do about it, if you are allowed to place as many pranks on a farm as you like then the player involved is not breaking any rules and is entitled to prank me as much as he wants unfortunately.
    în Pranks Comentat de Emma66 (GB1) 17.07.2016
  • 55 pranks in 2 days, not really fun!
    în Pranks Comentat de Emma66 (GB1) 17.07.2016
  • I agree that trolling should not be allowed, however I disagree with the idea that members of co-ops can be 'stolen'. Members are free to chose whatever co-op they like. Co-ops do not own their members, I speak as a member of a co-op that has both lost our members to other co-ops and gained members from other co-ops. 
    în Trolling Comentat de Emma66 (GB1) 08.04.2016
  • There is such a thing as informed choice. We were not given the information to allow us to make a choice. Had I known I would only have 3 days to complete this task I would not have picked level 6. A choice without enough information is not a real choice. This is unethical business practice by a company that knows it…
  • "it was completely missed (accidentally)" Nah! sorry, I don't believe it, no way this was accidental, the failure to warn us could not have been anything other than a deliberate attempt to get as many people to click a level they could not complete without gold, with the intention to encourage maximum gold use. Like I said…
  • Same here, events are always 6 days, it didn't occur to me to check so I clicked level 6. Obviously this is intended to get people to use gold to speed, and if it had been flagged up, then I would not have objected, GG is a business and is therefore driven by a profit motive, I buy gold and have no objection to gold use -…
  • I have 20 hen coops, and the drop rate for me was 1 crane per harvest, this was consistent. Keep your mill going, chick feed during the day and cow feed overnight, composter and silo - and you'll get there in the end, good luck B)
  • Happens quite a bit to me. Also the ship does not necessarily disappear when filled.
    în Ships Comentat de Emma66 (GB1) 02.01.2016
  • How can something be discounted if it is not available anywhere else? In the UK, advertising a product at a discount when it has not been on sale at the advertised full price is illegal under consumer protection law. Most of the so-called discounts are dubious at best, however this one is entirely fictitious.
  • I am in a pretty active co-op with 40+members, we are not using gold, we are ranked 12 on the En1 server. We have quite a few players away for the holidays.This event is weighted in favour of co-ops of whatever size where all the players are very active. So if your co-op has only 3 players, but all are playing a lot, that…
  • Each to his/her own, but please be aware of how much that pretty VIRTUAL decoration will cost in REAL MONEY Couldn't agree more!
  • As Scissors states, there are competitive elements to this game, but whether or not you chose to play them competitively or at all, is dependent on your play style (and budget).
  • Thanks for this, it is a salutary reminder about the money pit this game can become if you are not very careful. Because most players join co-ops, and then become loyal to their co-op it means GG really doesn't have to bother much with customer loyalty. I have really enjoyed playing the game, I have made some really good…
  • Personally, I would rather play the same mission 4 x in a row with opponents, than have 4 x solo missions. Especially since, once you get an opponent, you tend to carry on getting matched with them therefore reducing the likelihood of repeat missions. If GG rewarded effort, irrespective of whether you had an opponent or…
  • just a thought, but if members cannot complete their order, can they not leave the co-op and rejoin, thus resetting their score to 0??