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  • The login bonus just for entering the game is already computed for players. Syndicate points should have the same mechanism instead of having to click collect every 7 days of the week. I always forget to take it at least once a week and it's something small that's below the level, it's easy to forget.
  • Tut mir leid, Leute, der Übersetzer hat nicht richtig übersetzt. Ich beziehe mich darauf, ich könnte die Möglichkeit haben, sie mit Dollar zu kaufen, auch wenn es etwas teurer wäre. Bei den Erweiterungen können wir zum Beispiel wählen, ob wir mit Gold oder Dollar kaufen wollen...
    în Embleme Comentat de Alex (BR1) 26.09.2022
  • A month later, the algae are still on the side of the silver apples and have never returned to the golden apples. The golden apples left over and the silver ones running out :(
  • Ich schätze, die Leute kaufen Gold nicht mehr so ​​wie früher, also denkt das Spielteam, dass sie uns viele goldene Blumen und Lizenzen geben, also verringern sie unsere Chancen, diese Gegenstände zu gewinnen, um uns unter Druck zu setzen, mehr zu kaufen Gold. Allerdings motiviert mich dieses Manöver zumindest für mich…
  • I'm not talking about that, that's not a gold box.This is a themed box. I'm talking about the 16 gold boxes that were awarded in the co-op ranking and not in the individual ranking...
  • I think there should be a recalculation of how many points jam mission give. Cherries take a long time to be ready and if we want to buy them with dollars it is very expensive. Pineapple, we can produce it in the laboratory, but we need catalysts, which are scarce. Hard resources to not receive even 30 thousand points. It…
  • I loved this new box that was placed as a prize in the championships, at least this change was good :)
  • I'm sorry, but why did they put the seaweed twice on the silver apple merchant? Before it was seaweed on golden apples and seaweed on silver apples. It doesn't make sense to put everything on the side of the silver apples The game messed with the kites and the laboratory with the justification of "balance", but now it…
  • I agree, but the company that runs this game doesn't seem very smart to me, just because high-spending servers like Germany, Russia and Japan aren't complaining that nothing needs to be done. Precisely because these servers have multiple players looking for missions all the time, playing missions is cooler and they end up…
  • 7 seconds from one mission to another and they put me on a solo mission. The algorithm doesn't even bother to wait 5 minutes to get at least one more player...
  • Ich habe die goldenen Äpfel nur verwendet, um goldene Blumen, Genehmigungen und Algen zu kaufen. Ohne sie liegen die goldenen Äpfel jetzt nur noch verstaubt auf dem Vorrat.Das Schlimmste ist, dass Veranstaltungen wie Meisterschaften, harte Arbeit und Dorffest nur Äpfel bringen, also werde ich die Veranstaltungen ohne…
  • Digite seu comentário Isn't it time to change that masters league decor? Nowadays or you place functional decorations like these: or you fall behind other players... Decorations that only give satisfaction currently only end up in the inventory To get a tree like that, the cooperative needs to make 1 billion points, so I…
  • I have noticed that my golden apples are getting stale. Among the prizes that you can buy, only the seaweed, golden flowers and licenses that interest me and all of them have a limit to buy. To make it worse, the golden apples trader stays there for 7 days, in that period there have already been 2 events, so I always earn…
  • Hover the mouse over the purple seaweed humus, other types of humus will appear.
  • Funktioniert dies nur auf dem DE1-Server? :(
  • They are juggling to make players spend more and more gold, but they are forgetting something very important... bringing in new players. And I, particularly, have no motivation to recommend this game to new people. Even if I point this out, this person probably won't last long because they'll be light years behind players…
  • In no topic of the update announcement it was mentioned that the number of gold flowers we can buy would drop from 5 to 3. They make an update called "changes for the better", but they camouflage this change that harms players so that no one notices.
  • Apple merchant disappeared just for me?
  • My GodIf any of you have shared your password with someone else, make sure to change it. Now with this single button a person can permanently delete your farm from the game.