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Create a new discussion in group that we not member (what ???)

Ma2013 (FR1)Ma2013 (FR1) Postări: 1,277
editat 12.09.2015 în Social Groups
Do you notice or experiment to create a new discussion in a group that you not member ?

I just did it...

When I was under my "clone-pseudo", I created a group.  After, when our CM realise this "clone" of my pseudo in the transfer of forum, he fixed it.  But I'm not anymore the "author" of my own group and not member too...

.... and, for fun & testing, I tried to create a new discusion on that group ..... and I successfully created (????)

So, anyone that not member of a "private group" (I precise) can create a new discussion and post on any "private group" ???  That's weard !  What's the utility of this "Private" option in this case ?


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