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Thanks. :) I will probably add in some more decorations if I think of them. 
Thanks. :) You can do that. It is probably better to have that as a temporary decoration though, as it won't have any village happiness.
  • Here is an attempt at creating a large collection of good decorations for the event. Note that I have tried to include at least a few decorations that are currently accessible and some alternatives for when the best decorations are very hard to collect (for example, as a ranking prize in some event). I will remind everyone…
It is definitely possible. With the milk example, a level 9 colossal cowshed combined with all of the booster badges will give over 11,000 milk per 15 seaweed feed used. That reduces the process down to around 90 harvests of cowsheds. Combining this with multiple colossal cowsheds, using turbo harvester and…
Nice. :) I hope so as well. There is always the option to demolish and rebuild the boats, but that is a useless option as it will cost around a billion dollars to do that just to change some boat names.
Thanks. I looked around a bit and it appears that there was another post about this issue around the time that the game was updated in late August. I did not use my dockyard very actively (which is very bad), but this may explain when this issue came up if that helps.
It's a bit hard to answer this for every decoration, but what I can do is give an approximate answer for the general process of upgrading and exact numbers for some specific cases. The point where a decoration can change quality level is dependent on its happiness per square. If you push the happiness per square high…
The main decoration that was useful was a quality 7 high striker decoration which gives 18 happiness and 30 village happiness. It is useful for the decoration valley. Otherwise, most of the other decorations are not too great if you already have a lot of high happiness ones.
  • One other issue is that I calculated the cost assuming that all research was completed for items such as apples. You may have to do it manually if you want to calculate it for the apple sell price you have. Here you can just simply add another 12 dollars per apple used as the loss is not as bad if the apple's value is not…
  • If you are talking about using the Ludwig coins to purchase other items with them, this could be done in the previous version by saving them up and using them when offers came up from time to time while the event was running. I think it works like this and not like spending all of them at the end. However, I haven't seen…
  • I haven't used discord for around a year, but if you look to the side of Priyanshu's screenshot, the "Official competitions" section is not even there. Is there some kind of role you must have in order to access that section?
  • The problem is that saying things like people are cheating by using the wheel of fortune is a kind of subjective statement. And if you look at the rules, they aren't actually breaking them so it doesn't really make sense to say that they are cheating. That being said, I do agree that it does take away the purpose missions…
Just checking, can you run boosters in dream world or not? I haven't played it much, but I have some data for wildflower missions in the game and both of those numbers sound totally different to what you would get in the normal game.
  • Please do a favour and stop updating the game. Most updates are literally just downgrading certain parts of the game and it's really stupid to see this continue on and on without addressing any of the issues that these updates cause. I understand that the company has to run at a profit, but I honestly don't see how these…
It's because you referred to your cooperative members as "leechers" without giving any information about their intentions of how they play or not. We (the people reading about this discussion) have no idea if they are just trying to get rewards without doing anything or if they are just not interested in the game.…
Ok thanks. It looks like I underestimated how much space was used for decorations as well as somehow completely missing the happiness bar. It can work well to play like that, but then you can also remove the decorations and maximise production as it helps events and running at bad production costs is not a problem…
I'm pretty sure that they drop from themed cowsheds. Otherwise I wouldn't really collect them from anywhere and I manage to produce enough to activate some things such as the powerhouse whenever I harvest my cowsheds and the stackmaster without any issues.
  • These are not the first players to do this. Many other players have done things like collect several hundred million reputation points during a CC before. In fact, now it is even easier to do this due to all of the offers to buy things, in particular for missions as you can buy production boosters combined with booster…
I would like to have another apartment block and it would be very useful. I'm just saying that if you don't have enough workers to upgrade everything, that could have been avoided by checking that you would have enough workers to upgrade everything. Anyway, hopefully they will add this, but I have a feeling that they…
It doesn't look like those decorations give enough happiness to keep the production costs in the green section. So it's better in that situation to just remove all of the decorations and to place as many buildings as possible in their place. You can still easily make a profit like this. You should be able to get…
Thanks. I guess part of the problem is to balance between buying the newest level straight away and saving the gold for the other ones but taking a longer time to get there. I think I may go down the path of saving the gold as many of those level 5 badges will cost a lot of gold. 
Thanks for the information. I…