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  • Having to change badges for every single mission is SO tedious! It would be awesome if they worked like handbooks, but I doubt that would ever happen since we can only use a max of 5 badges (regardless of how many we buy). However... I would be happy with one of these options, at least: * (A) having a filter to easily find…
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  • Just noticed that I was a winner... woohoo! Thanks for the contest... this was both challenging and fun!
I tried refreshing once, but nothing changed at the time. All the buildings reappeared on their own, literally seconds after I made the original post. (How's that for timing? lol) Usually, though, refreshing is enough to fix whatever problem I have. (Or clearing the browser cache, if refreshing didn't work.)
I've never seen all the functional buildings disappear when an event ended. (It was always just the expired event building, previously.) Thanks for letting me know that, sometimes, everything can disappear for a bit. ::smile:
  • LOL never mind, they're back on my farm now.
It finally showed up on my farm just a few seconds ago.
The candy farm upgrade was in its dedicated slot. The one-time construction slot (OTCS) remained empty and available to use at that time. My next upgrade should have gone there, but it started in the universal construction slot, instead. Two upgrades were going at once, but neither one was placed in the OTCS, even…
I've never needed to contact support before, so I didn't even think about doing that. (I should know better, as I've had to do so for other games I've played over the years.) Thanks for the advice and the link, Rosy! I'll get a message sent right away.
Yes, you understood me correctly, Heather. My construction tokens were used, but the upgrade wasn't placed in the correct construction slot. Apologies to Rosy and anyone else who may have misunderstood what I was trying to say. Things get a little tricky when you're talking about several different construction slots,…
  • Hooray, now I can say I was a winner in a forum contest! Thanks!
  • I'm frustrated by it because it completely ruins the strategy I had for building up a strong farm. I've played for less than two years... how am I supposed to be able to compete with farms that won tons of stables, when my "reward" is being forced to save up yet another currency in order to buy them ONE at a time? All this…
  • So gold and silver apples make up the bulk of the hard work rewards for the CC, and construction tokens have been removed? The construction tokens and GMLs were the (gold league) rewards I'd come to count on each week, because they were the most useful. Now we have to buy them with the new rewards currency... something we…
  • Very happy about this part of the update! It will be very nice to use my newly purchased areas immediately from now on. :) I haven't unlocked the obsidian farm yet, so it will be a while before I have to deal with it over there. I don't mind the size of the menu, but I am going to miss having pages to click through. It's…
  • Looks like I'm listed at 14th place (Sassenach1743). LOL Much to slow to win a prize in the contest, but I still had fun putting the puzzle together. :smiley: Took me a while to figure out how to move everything around, but I finally got the hang of it! (This was my first visit to Jigsaw Planet.)
  • Co-op description has been updated to show current membership policy.
I think every farm should have it's own construction slot. It's hard enough trying to decide what to upgrade on a single farm, but the way the game is set up makes it even worse. To me, it feels like the kind of thing that is set in place in the earliest days of a game... something that would typically be one of the…
Sorry, my question must have been unclear. I wasn't asking who can start the upgrades (as you described above) once all the materials have been donated to it. I was asking who has the ability begin the entire process--so that the building shows up in the warehouse list and materials can be donated to it. Thanks for…
  • It's an automatic function of the game. When the co-op leader hasn't logged in for 32 days, the highest level member becomes the new leader, and the previous leader becomes a deputy. EDIT: I just read Rosy's post and realized I was misinformed. I was told that leadership passed to the highest level member, not deputy. My…
  • So it's as simple as playing the goldfish rescue event? We're doing that, so I guess we'll have fish in a few days, then! :) We've been constantly adding pellets to the pond, so we'll have plenty of food available. Now that I know the upgrade isn't a cause for concern, I'll let the others in the coop know we can proceed…