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  • Currently, when we give charms to 10 cows on someone's farm, we have to click the brush 10 times and click the cows .... too many clicking, too much time taken, too lazy. Pressing Shift key and selecting Brush once and clicking on 10 cows , so that all those 10 cows get brushed. Like we press Shift Key and load crew to…
  • I wish this color in Barn page could be made white, so that the contrast increases and it becomes clear to see the filled amount. The barn currently shows 9 items at once, it could be made 12 by increasing the window size of the barn window This will help less scrolling with mouse reach lower faster. Even though i liked…
  • I have an excellent internet and my game works great. But once in a month or two, my internet has some issue lasting for a few hours or a full day. Exactly this time around, I get all these problems being mentioned in above comments. Like barn showing 0. Wwc scores showing 0. Errors, or many clicking to harvest. Sometimes…
  • The Valentine's Teddy flag is cute <3 Since graphics changes are being introduced often nowdays, can we get new backgrounds ( themes for our farms ). Also, Background themes for Horse Ranch, Fishing Region, deco valley and co-op village.
  • Great work @"ninjahuman (AU1)" :)
  • Playing with no constant pop ups is amazing :)Im loving it ...
  • Hmm .... Well then that is good, the ability to choose the construction coins when we are ready for them.Thank you :) Charming other players farms has become faster now ...
  • Does this mean only 100 rewards can be collected maximum ... If we go offline for a month and win more than 100 rewards from co-op events, what happens to the ones after 100 ? Also ...Instead of exclamation mark, grey/color can be used. The greyed out and colored icons on top catch the eye more easily.
  • " The progress bar when harvesting is removed "This is good ... I hope it is also true for when we charm other players cows and fields ... it will help charm them faster. " The Farm Management dialogue is replaced with the new Barn dialogue "The barn management window feels too overwhelming ... i prefer using the Farm…
  • Does candy chicken coop drop Manpower collectible or does only normal chicken coop drops it. If yes, Does both type of chicken coop drop same number of manpower collectibles ? Thank you for answer ... :)
    w CHICKLET COOP Skomentowane przez TMKC (IN1) 19.11.2019
  • Most people in my co-op have stopped playing Candy Farm as there is no candy cowshed as reward in the Voucher trader, and the 1 candy cow at 65 mil points is removed as well.
  • Removing Candy cow as a reward for reaching 65 million points is bad.Only Top 10 Ranks can get 1 candy cow now. If candy cow isnt put back in the rewards, Candy farm will just become another event to ignore for many players. Kindly give the candy cow at 65 million points.
  • Please sell the Sweet cow in Voucher trader. Everyone wants it. ;)
  • Yes, add candy cows to the Voucher Trader ....
  • Hello, This is an invitation to join the Indian server. Its an english speaking server. The biggest advantage on playing on the Indian server ( IN ) is that there is very very less competition in it. There are only 130 players with weekly xp of more than 1 million. On US server this number is 1341 players with weekly xp…
  • 4 Shinkei School back to back ... each lasting 24 hours instead of 1 Shinkei School lasting 4 days during CC is better.But .... reduce the reputation points earned in Ranking rewards to 1 million from 10 million for Rank 1 , 500k for Rank 2 and so on .... The reduced reputations earned will not affect FL daily rankings…
  • Like Dream world makes all players come in one server and they compete with each other, all players in Master League should have a link to click which sends them to another place where they play missions against only other ML players. Remove CC WoF in it too ... Only missions ... fair and square ...
  • What is Voucher Code ?
  • &#13;I think you are talking about the Super sale ... The 2000% bonus one. It gave 150 &#13; There was a Super Sale which offered 2000% offer as the highest.It gave 150 Balloon WoF tokens, 300 Gold Mystery Boxes ( the ones which look like normal MB) , 1500 WoF tokens, 400 Sw humus and 4400 sw feed.It was being offered…
  • &#13; Yes, This Fixed it for me finally ... after 2 months Now, whenever i play school, i turn the quality to HIGH and reload the game.Thank you.