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  • Heather Norsk (US1)

    You are so right!  I really want to post this reply, but after BigDoc's note, I'm a little worried it might get me banned.  But are you in this boat too? .... (Here is what I wanted to put with your note quoted. I might take some time to think how I will tone it down before I do)

    Let's not stop there ....

    - The mills sometimes work, but no longer non-stop like they used to.
    - 3 labs basically sit idle, maybe use 1 twice a month, whereas all 3 used to run non-stop.
    - My silo too is often sitting idle as well now, waiting for me to use the fertilizer before I can make more (or chose to do so at a $$$ loss).
    - This makes it so I don't play the weekly parking lot events because I am no longer getting drops from the silo, lab or mill making them more difficult to complete.
    - Many animals and orchards sit idle until they're needed for an event because I don't want to waste the super & premium feeds/fertilizer I had managed to save up
    - All this adds to the previously mostly idle horse farm since that update
    - no more horseshoes needed also made the MF ship less needy to fill, except I had been because it gives WWC points, XP & cash. But since it started asking for jam too without increasing payout, IMHO it's no longer worth filling when it asks for jam, so 1 more thing just sitting there most of the time.

    Many days, I miss just farming and the strategies of the farm.
    Nowadays I'm mostly growing flowers, making jam & fishing.