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  • There is nothing that the players or forum moderators can do to help. Support is the only solution to your problem. https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-1-d&q=google+translate https://community.goodgamestudios.com/bigfarm/es
 Same here. I have 2 jam factories. I keep one on cherry and one on pineapple and can usually score points twice on them in 1/2 hour. I can usually get points for dandelions twice and after I harvest my pigs the first time I use wet pig feed and I do the same with cows except the feed that uses alfalfa, so I at least…
(I did so, I chose one and when looking for it to build there is nothing.) If nothing is there, contact supportSi no hay nada alli, pongase en contacto con el soporte.
  • Its has always been a season specific building for me too. It has better yields than the same type standard building, starts out at level 1 when you place it, and can be leveled up just like the others. Edit - Using the exact same type of fertilizer, my level 9 festive almond orchard produces 589 almonds. My level 9…
  • Open notificationsAbrir notificaciones Choose your reward Elige tu recompensa Its hereEsta aqui
  • You can check the inventory of stored decos on each farm by clicking on the inventory button on Decoration Valley and looking at each farm's tab. You'll still have to check for boats by going to the fishing region.
 The US server is pretty well populated but I have one or 2 solo missions every run I make on every coopcha I participate in. I also usually get a a couple of 3 player missions.
  • If you wish to have multiple accounts you can legitimately open one on each server. From a corporate stand point GGS is not likely to do much about multi accounts since multi accounts are more likely to increase their revenue in gold sales and with the economic down turn they need all the revenue they can get. That's…
 I'm retired now but when I was working 3 days out of 7 was all I could typically play. Its good to have more options for more people but there needs to be ways to compensate when there aren't enough people too.
  • 1. Other players click those things. As with many other games players eventually out level content but that content may still be useful to new players. New people around the world find this game and start up every day. They need beginning content to maintain their interest. 2. I don't do the horse stuff but I know many…
  • There is a memory style minigame that comes up every so often that uses the flower tokens. You can earn gold mining licenses there.
  • You don't receive the reward when you complete the event. It is awarded when the event ends (if you completed it) by your screen shot you still have ~2 days before you will receive it. When you receive it it can be found here.
 Indeed. I clicked on the button without realizing that it wasn't actually taking me to the forums. Its took me to the discord signup page and my antivirus program went off. I got a warning for a potential virus attack, a potential malware attack, and I got a popup that told me that 3 separate tracking attempts had…
 I have. Both during CC events and outside them. Some servers have fewer players on them (US server is rather large) and this makes the problem worse in those parts of the world.
  • Thanks @RosyStarling. I know. That's how I got here. I have issues with Discord and Discord has problems of its own that I wish to avoid. My problem is the same as always. I'm visually impaired and the icons are tiny and hard to see. I also suspect that without an announcement in other places many forum users are now…
  • Not happy either. Replaced a feature I use 2-3 times a week with one I'll never use and don't want.
  • I got responses from 3 coopmates. 2 of them have beach ball 1 of them just returned from a 10 day vacation and has candy none of them have both. Edit up to 6 total responses now. 5 beach ball, and one candy. Edit-Edit up to 12 total responses, 11 beach ball, 1 candy
  • I have only the beach ball hunt. I'm not currently participating in the island farm and I'm not participating in any of the active events (Mysterious Asia or Three Weddings and a Rigamarole).
  • Sometimes you don't get anything because the RNG just doesn't go your way. You can sometimes get water as a reward from completing tasks in the World Wide Championship and they occasionally show up as secondary rewards in contracts. I don't remember seeing it as a reward from helping the adventurer with his boat but my…
  • From my coop's experience. The level 1 boat could be done by 2 dedicated players. We upgraded the boat to level 2 and it takes at least 6 of us to repair it and it changed the time at which the boat showed up for us which made it more of a problem. We decided not to take it to level 3.