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  • of course there is a glitch; sometimes the pumpkins aren't even there to be found, seen just NADA definitely a no-show; doesn't matter how hard or diligently you search --- pumpkins are NOT anywhere. 
  • I'm glad to see everyone is going to make it with the pumpkins, decos & flag; on INT server it shows only a little over 10 hours remains so won't be getting my rewards.  When my eyes get blurry trying to find pumpkins, it is time for me to retir…
  • Once my eyes start either watering or things get blurry or feeling of oncoming migraine, I stop looking for the pumpkins.  Not worth the time or effort or damage to eyes.  This hunting game has become as frustrating as some other games that I use to…
  • I can't harvest anything in NorthernLightsFarm nor GourmetFarm; certain section won't allow harvesting. It's been a problem for 2 to 3 days now.  What can be done?  Thanks for any solution.
  • On my NorthernLightsFarm I can't begin harvest of anything...NOTHING.  Some error box pops up and that's it. Is anyone else having this problem?  It's been this way now for 2 days...maybe even 3.
  • I'm with @"DebRN (US1)"; I have a small coop with mostly 15 farmers who may or may not be talking. - most often not. To get this group to talk amongst each other is in the realm of miracles; a few talking is a major accomplishment; to have…
  • yes it is very very very disappointing that no float is awarded...sigh!!!  Also, there is way too much harvesting effort to get a mere flag as a reward.  I'll not be flying that flag any time soon; I have my favourites flying at the moment; and, am …
  • thank you; looked at site, but was sad to see that float is not obtained after all that harvesting.  really a crappy event ending. :( :( :(
  • bye WillyBigFoot --- stay safe; best in your new life; the forest animals & birds welcome you back
  • Bigfoot ought to brush up on spelling; I agree with @"holidayrox (US1)"  the world is in enough turmoil without layering it with petty attitudes.  Shame on you Bigfoot; really disappointed in you :(
  • flickering happens to me when I log on; it happens every time.  Is it a problem I should be concerned about? @ChickadeeQuilter why does it happen?
  • Don't worry BugsBunny, we will as we all know how alluring those carrots are ... hahaha; but you'll still be our friend.  Have a fabulous day LOL
  • since my last post, urgent delivery is NOT so urgent; and, NO, CARROTS are NOT needed.  I feel no urgency to race to deliver anything. Plane can still in parking lot far past the time when the wheels have fallen off & the body has rusted to dust…
  • thanks everyone for all the different points of view; will consider them all; so far not likely to plant again as didn't see much use of them in delivery event; have a great day everyone. Bugs Bunny will have to look elsewhere for carrot fix
  • Thanks everyone for responding.  I'll pass on your infos to the coop; and, maybe...maybe then more will participate when they learn that SLOWLY gold reserves will build up over time.  Again, thanks to you all.
  • @"ijrosh (US1)" Talking about those tokens...not really sure if they're like the side-planting which reduces the output of the main harvest.  I've, therefore, not used them for that reason.  Also, not sure what to make so I just rotate the…
  • WELCOME WELCOME WELCOME  to another fellow fabric crafter.  I've only just started quilting as something new to do when not farming or knitting. Welcome Chickadee Quilter...chickadee-dee-dee  (I hear them singing outside when relaxing and suntanning…
  • Every one of my buildings are at max except Saddler's workshop (lvl3)  I still think that an actual barn like on MF is needed. The horses have their stable; their equipment etc need a place to store for handy access. Sigh... but I'm abstaining from …
  • yes, @"Data King (US1)" that's exactly what we need...an enterprising lemonade stand Benny's little brother... WOW that would be really great!!! With what we've all got, he'd be rolling in the dough and stashing the rest... hahahaha  Great…
  • sorry ... I meant to say "I found none" ...meaning no barns were found.  sorry for confusion.