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  • I am already losing excitement over the Obsidian Farm. It is going to take a lifetime of obsidian to upgrade that farm's fields/orchards/buildings to where it will be worthwhile for our main farms. It is just too bad that there is no way to boost the harvest yields of the farm...we have no library books, no way to sparkle…
Yes, well to keep the costs at "0", you'd need a farm load of decos or a bunch of the high cost gold ones. Without Lester's Tree to help reduce the product amounts needed for the markets, we don't make as much profit from those very quickly. :o :# :( 
  • I have happiness level so that production costs are -89%. When production costs are at -30% it costs 1254 Obisian dollars (OD) to plant a level 1 orchard of dragon fruit that yields 67 dragon fruit. But at -89% it costs me 614 obsidian dollars to plant that same dragon fruit orchard. I can direct sell 67 dragon fruit for…
  • I have not even tried doing research for any of the main farm land or stables, etc. I am too busy doing the research needed for the Obsidian Farm...now I am out of obsidian so am looking forward to the end of the CHWE so I can get more obsidian. Probably after I have done all I can on any research tied to the OF, I will…
  • Yay! I did too, yesterday! 11 days to go! :) Okay...I got in a hurry and opened my Obsidian Farm! :) But...alas I found that the Cooperative Subscription package does not work for that farm. Our coop has 31 members who have that subscription and this allows for reduced building slot tokens plus a greater discount for goods…
  • Does anyone know what we can use the Horse Crests for? I have nearly upgraded all my trees that I need to in the ranch and still have upwards of 44 million. I am sure there are other players who have a stockpile of more crests than what I have. I wonder if the Team has any plans as to what to do with the excess horse…
  • Hey, thanks, I could not find the previous threads. At any rate, I hope the Team is thinking about what creative way we can use them. :)
  • I am looking forward to opening my Obsidian Farm/Upgrading Farmhouse. It looks like maybe in a month or so as I have now 52,500 obsidian/65,000. I am glad for the posted pics of the farm. I noticed that there is a player on our server who has theirs opened. So I expect that soon a few more will have theirs opened too. I…
  • So far I totally agree with you all. I do have the Convenience Package and I set my fields so that I can harvest quickly a variety of missions. What I am hoping for is some brilliant explanation on the value and use of the MPM and the use of the vouchers that go with it. Until then, I wait.
  • For those of you in the INT1 server who have this subscription, do you also have to buy the silver, gold & platinum coupons to activate the Multi-production manager? Also does this new subscription do away with the "Convenience Package" Subscription? So, in other words, can players still buy the original "Convenience…
Wow! If you use the lab non-stop, you must have millions and millions of catalysts. I am not so fortunate. My lab is up to 100 but the other two are not. I don't use the Lab. May need to wait until I get millions and millions of catalysts.
  • I really think it is a horrible idea to make us buy the additional land expansions on our main farms using obsidian. Why? These land expansions have nothing to do with the Obsidian Farm. Now, once players can open the Obsidian Farm, it is feasible to have us use obsidian to open more land expansions on that farm, but not…
  • During this time of waiting, I am one who gets into a lot of speculation. I am wondering if the ostrich eggs are used in recipes. Some cultures actually use the shell for bowls for instance. Then comes the Orcas...will the Orcas be used to make special oil? How about the Dragon Fruit...can we make jam out of that? The…
I want to modify this original suggestion to be something we can choose like we can in some event rewards such as we can choose one: big cow, or big duck, or manor. So at the End of the Tessa Dream World we can choose one: diamonds or choose obsidian. :)
  • I am not sure that even the gold-buyers will be happy. I hope they make it so obsidian is more available to all the players not just gold-buyers. I am afraid this new Obsidian Farm will be as useless as our labs. My opinion for now.
  • ~sigh~ So much time has gone by and nothing seems to be done about the Lab. The catalyst requirements are not reasonable, The regular catalysts are a waste as I use my nurseries for the special seeds that I need or use on a regular basis. I enjoyed the benefit of having the additional XPs and no cost to use for the premium…
Sorry, that link did not work.
  • Since I have worked very hard in leveling my Lab up, I don't want to get rid of the legendary catalysts. Instead since I have lots of ordinary catalysts I would like to be able to trade them for higher types, for instance: 2 regulars for 1 rare; 4 regulars for 1 precious; 6 regulars for 1 unique; and 8 regulars for 1…
If this is your link I could be your farm friend and then you can click on my link to be my farm friend. What do you say? :)
  • I have a place for you to join me from another server. See the picture, it shows a spot just for you! :) Please, please join me and be my farm friend. If you are from another server other than AU, SKN, GB, or US, I could be your farm friend. Maybe like an "exchange-friend". Just post your link. Thanks Just click on the…