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  • kubota 2 (FR1)
    Hello to you,

    I am Fred of the server France. I wanted to know if it was possible to know the score of the Cameron Farm team in the first Championship Expert, stp!


    • Xcution (INT1)
      Xcution (INT1)
      @kubota 2 the score cameron did in Thier first ml was 500mill rp and we were on position 8
  • praveshmohta (IN1)
    I strongly criticize that's what done with TMKC !
    I dont find any sort of cheating being done. Its just that he knew how to create more resources by the farm lab.
    and if you feel that it was wrong, firstly GGS should remove this Farm Lab thing from the game.
    He had lesters at lev.80 and Farm lab at lev.100. .. I dont feel any other player on Indian Server would be playing the game so cleverly and had such fully upgraded buildings ! Now to whats that has been done, according to me :-
    Either GGS must have placed a limitation on Number of Tokens to be manufactured in Farm Lab.
    Either GGS must have placed a limitation on Number of Tokens that can be spinned during CC-Wheel of Fortune.
    Either GGS must have not allowed the manufacturing of tokens in a Farm Lab..
    Ohh the situation was really aweful !
    A person spends around 38500 USD behind a game, and lately the game designer them self ban the same player who knows how to play wisely ??
    I once again Strictly criticize whats done with TMKC. He has a good social image in many of the International Servers that has also been tampered.. I want GGS to return all whats taken back with dignity and pride ! Or else, this would set an example for other players on "not to spend their real money" on game. I REPEAT, " THIS WOULD SET AN EXAMPLE TO OTHER PLAYERS ON NOT TO SPEND THEIR REAL MONEY BEHIND THE GAME !"
    I respect every player who buy golds, please ask GGS to give justice to TMKC !
  • BlueZilver (GB1)
    I really hope you get back to the game some day ... it will be a big lose if you stay away forever.
  • iron maiden (INT1)
    Hi sorry that they have suspended your account. But my biggest respect from me towards you. I am thinking always 1 step further,but you are my hero.. 
    I am under my other name banned for life from the forum after the dsf adjustments almost 2 years ago.
    But i have now a few new farms on different servers,where there is a will,there is a way. And my purpose is the same as yours. To show with numbers that you don,t do nothing wrong and that they are not telling the thruth or as you did. Not even knows their possibilities inside the game. 

    Heads up,looking to seee more great news from you

    Gr Iron Maiden aka Boer Bartels int server