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  • Players could definitely start their own forum for free. I've done it for my team & I helped other teams do it. (I won't give that exact information in a post so I won't get my hands slapped but I can share through a message, in game or forum). As Rosy said, the Admins & Mods wouldn't get direct information from GGS BUT…
  • I thought I would look up the mobile app for Big Farm so I could play from my phone. Y'all want me to pay to install your app on my phone?! :D Get real! Many, many players said years ago that GGS was getting greedy. Who knew how extreme they could be with the greed. The ads are beyond stupid! I even made a purchase to not…
  • I understand how you feel. I quit playing for a while for various reasons but decided to come back. I haven't been nearly as active on the forum as I was before. I don't like Discord at all, it seems like a bunch of jumbled up spam to me so I don't even bother looking at it. When we first started playing we were used to a…
  • I made my signature several years ago and I don't remember what the site was. I just googled free signature makers & found one that had little animated icons. 
  • If you don't mind me asking, why have you decided to leave? If it's because you're struggling with the game, there is a lot of friendly folks that would be happy to help. Maybe you're not enjoying the game because you haven't found the right team? I quit playing for a while mostly because real life got too busy & I needed…
  • People who pay to play will always have an advantage over those who don't. That doesn't mean they are lazy & playing the easy way. If no one bought gold, this game would've ended years ago. Players that are in cooperatives have advantages over those who are not. What would be the point in joining a co-op if there are no…
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  • We're a friendly group that understands real life happens & comes first. All we ask of our members is to let us know when they'll be away for a bit just so we know that they plan to return & haven't just quit the game. We play the CC hard about once a month & expect everyone to do some missions at least since it is a team…
  • @ChickadeeQuilter Sorry to see you go but I'm happy for you to be moving on to bigger & better things! Best of luck to you! <3 PS. Please leave some bird seed & carrots for @RosyStarling and @BugsBunny so we can feed them ;)
  • Thanks Heather! You're right. I hadn't noticed that, I was looking in the character overview & didn't see anything for level 7. 
  • I like that we get an extra boost in production from the Farmers Union. I don't like that moving up to the next level is so slow. My tasks can be finished relatively quickly then I'm stuck collecting points forever. Currently, I need over 3,000 points to move on to level 4. I completed the tasks so I'm ready to move on.…
  • The Pretzel Balloon decoration is available in the Big Farm store. You have to purchase a bundle that includes the decoration. Notice the email says, "offering you a huge variety of attractive bundles, decorations and more". I'm assuming I didn't get the email because I had already purchased a bundle with the decoration.
  • Thanks John! I'm so glad you're still here! Thanks for sharing the link for the Discord. I will check it out soon for sure! :smiley: <3
  • Thank you for all the warm welcome! <3 It's great to see some familiar names :smiley:
  • I'm shocked to hear about South :cry: He was a wonderful man that loved his family, friends, & community. He was always ready to help anyone in need. South will be greatly missed but not forgotten. Rest in peace buddy :heart:
  • My FHWE was messed up with the hotfix also. I left it alone for a bit & didn't try to fill the next crate. When I clicked on the silo I got a new reward. I'm still getting points & rewards even tho it shows I'm getting 0 points. The points aren't rolling over like they should but they update when I click the refresh button…
  • @"Fincana (US1)" That one isn't animated. I was hoping it was :/ 
  • Hahaha good ol' reliable Vicky. There is a method to her madness after all! :D 
  • Yea the way they are now is how they were when they were added back in 2013 but they weren't working for so long that it seemed normal to most. They're working as originally intended now :)
  • @"FarmerCli (US1)" The different colored bubbles are the way its suppose to be. They were messed up for a while & it seemed like that was the normal but they've actually been fixed now :)