BlueZilver (GB1)

BlueZilver (GB1)
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  • (edit) ... if 4-9 get zero points they all get glass medal.
  • If you have muliple web-pages open and jump between them then you also get the timer to freeze at the time 0:00  ... then you 'just' have to go to FF and back to MF. Sometimes fish-contracts a locked ... you can also unlock them by going to FF and …
  • Having a hard time figuring out: (Image) how its possible to find/make 15 decorations (happiness 500) and then find 5 stalls so you can get 50 mill park pennies per hours ??? 
  • Yes ... but i still doesnt explain why my tittel is Gardener ... if you look at the division-list.
  • lol ;-)  ... me neither ... so i really like your suggestions
  • Change 2: Maybe an option ... if you want to use what you have in your barn or keep filling it to get max capacity for stall's. Since the number of products you put in a stall affects how long the stall will be running.
  • Not sure a reset of the event would change anything they need to 'remove' data from last funnel. A couple of month ago we had a similar bug on HWE  ... some (including me) got a lot of points when the funnel started ... i didnt start my funnel at al…
  • Its not the lv that determine how well you're doing in FL  ... take a look at Season-rankning and start clicking on every name on the list ... and then spend some time looking at their farms. Havent you noticed that a lot of players now 'settle for'…
  • How come they are showing one tittle on the division-page and another on the season-page??? Its the 1. day of a new FL-event ... shouldnt the tittle be same ?? (Image) Then it would be easier ... the 1. FL-event day ... so see that we end up in…
  • You know as well as i do that it isnt an option ... so how about open a new thread where you raise your concern without violating forum-rules ???
  • (Image)  3. Spreading or discussing private info from other players, mods or employees at GGS It is not allowed to spread or discuss private information of other players, mods or GGS staff in the forums Penalty Points * 3 point warning = For spre…
  • Do you ever get tired of insinuating ???  and talking on the behalf of all players on your server ???  Especially when you without breathing thinks it ok to exploit games. How about following the rules and report players ... im pretty sure that shou…
  • we usual get the last one during the week after WWC has ended.
  • When you're lv 19 this building should appear at the parkinglot:  (Image) and then you have to participate in some of the different events which is running as long as you can see the building. At the moment HWE = Hard Worker Event is running: …
  • @"Data King (US1)"  my tackle box is max upgraded ... all 3 tackle box's are lv 5 (Fishing Supplies) ... got plenty of room if i make goldfish bait. Ty for looking out for me  :)
  • You're right @"artful (US1)"  ... all we need to know is what is the definition for 'skill-level' and 'matchmaking-mechanism'.   ... to me it look like @"gizmo22 (AU1)" are pretty close to the answer. tx for the picture ;-)  ...…
  • Even though you're low-lv ... you should be able to get dollars enough to spend on island-farm ...  renting the boat on FF can give you a lot of dollars if you're able to send it out often. Dont pay to much attension to the price it cost to send it …
  • (Image)
  • Seems like this bug isnt easy to recreate ... when we had Flash it occured during the time where most players are playing, and sometimes there was 2 box's with the same crops for a split second ... no time to make screenshoot  ... and then you got 3…
  • Mine 'Remember me password' only worked for a few month ... so there is something wrong ... but if the bug is to be found on my computer or ggs-log-in-window i dont know.