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  • @RosyStarling Thank you. I'm in the learning process. Also I feel a little silly b/c I forgot about the egg hunt. So the umbrella hunt would kinda be like trying to re-invent the egg. LOL
  • @"June (IN1)" I just noticed that I get breeding seeds more from planting standard seeds. EX: plant standard alfalfa with or without humus you get alfalfa breeding seeds (not on every harvest). I don't recall getting them from the special seeds. I can only make special alfalfa and rutabaga special seeds in my nursery. Do I…
    en Breeding Comentario por remraf (US1) 02.04.2023
  • Thank you for listing this suggestion. I am still learning the game and I am guilty of making the named mistake. I have a better understanding of that part of the game now. Thanks again.
  • @"walle (INT1)" I stored all of my decorations and reorganized my farm. Then I went to the dropbox and decorations tab and only put back high happiness decorations. I have room for more products and I can still add more decorations. Note: I only put back decoration that took no more than 11seconds to rebuild or that could…
  • Would it be possible to have an umbrella hunt similar to the balloon hunt during the month of April? I know it's too late now but maybe in the future.