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  • Horse meadow is the last thing you learn for horse racing. You need to understand normal breeding, the normal market, trees, gear, race mechanics, etc etc. Horse meadow is difficult, the most expensive, requires co-op members, and has the smallest marginal gain of all the horse mechanics. My two cents.
I don't know about disasters - they seem to have too many variables to predict reliably which is why I gathered real world data instead of theory-crafting. I don't understand how predicting disaster final loss would affect your loadout? By their nature they are unpredictable anyways. As for boat loadouts, the final…
Faster turnaround doesn't matter if: 1-Sleeping more than 4-6 hours which is the turnaround for the deeper spots 2-Vacation 3-Work 4-Wifey time ;) 5-Playing with kids in the park My analysis understands that faster turnaround is the most cost effective strategy. But if you're trying to preserve fish for the sake of…
  • Hi Farmer Cli. So many questions remain: What are the blue charges in the center radiating outwards? Graphically do they mean anything? I understand gene points raise breeding chance. Is there any way to raise effect level? So far I have only seen +1, but recently saw there was a +2. I am experimenting with running the…
  • My qualifications to post here: Lv 88 horse in diamond league, beating horses in 90's and occasionally 100+. To answer the original question, yes you have to wait until the next season. People ignore the racing obstacles and gear for whatever reason. I find these to be absolutely critical to understand the randomness of…
  • LOL this is like a customer going to a large store and asking for a financial statement. That's why they give you receipts. If you think it's easy for them just to spit out a report, then why isn't it easy for you?
  • If you are referring to the construction graphics, they are part of the background image. AFAIK, they have been there since co-op village was announced years ago. If the buildings aren't useful you're probably not using them properly to their full potential. Every single building there has a good use.
  • What's the best single product? Milk, apples? What building is best? Big cows or regular themed cows? Co-op orchards or regular orchards? And btw the #1 ranked player has mass silos so I suspect they were just producing speed fertilizer the whole time. Not sure how they made money or dung (I only saw one colossal cow).
Your questions are answered in my post, but for the sake of clarity: 1-They were calculated against the selling price. 2-Typically 6x Roy 6x Brig is the fast loadout. 2x Roy 1x Victor, and Brigs as able is the slow/overnight loadout. No protection was used for data points.
  • Although those links did help me get started, this thread is a question about how the top ranked players get their XP and dollars.
  • Method: send lv6 trawler to pools with no protection. If catch is around 180-211, we include the results. Very low catches (partial catches), and unusually high (above 211) are not included. At least 20 trips were collected, losses calculated, then averaged out. Exceptions include very low risk and rare pools (these have…
I have enormous amounts of data to support the fact protection IS WORTH BUYING for most pools with 11% loss risk and above. You WILL LOSE more than the cost of protection ($25,000) on average in these pools
  • Old thread but I found my fuel just fine. It's deposited into your gas tank on the horse ranch.
  • Did production times DOUBLE? Did bank output reduce by HALF? Or has it always been this way and I'm comparing island farm to the Viking farm? Why does this "new" island farm feel so weak? Besides some lackluster decos, what are the improvements?
  • The horse gear system is difficult to master. Just so you know, I don't see many people racing against me using gear. My horse is lv88 and I made diamond league a few weeks ago. Don't fiddle with smelter until you have a strong tree base and a good handle on the basics. Once you have a foundation, then get a smelter and…
  • Deep Sea Fishing is by far the most cost efficient, high volume way to earn money in this game. Too bad you're limited to 14 ships. Jam is next best, the flower shop, and finally bakery. Storage is most important, thus most players have 14x lv6 trawlers, the ships with highest storage. Storage is the most expensive…