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  • I also have only had 1 day of daily tasks :( since Greta's dream world started
  • @"nuke9104 (US1)" I don't think you were wrong about the price you have seen for the water tower and yes you are right the price is much more costly for lower levels until you reach that level for the cost to come down. You will find similar price changes for buying land if you buy before certain levels
  • This village fair I counted a total of 32 30mins challenges, the village fair before this had a total of 75 30min challenges, so the number of short challenges has definitely been reduced Prior to these last 2 village fair in the bronze there was never any 13 hour challenges, you may have had a few mid length challenges…
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  • I also have the freeze happening when I have DW & normal farm open on different tabs, game becomes unplayable. I have to close 1 tab to unfreeze the other. This has been happening now for several months. I am using windows edge & don't have any other problems with it. It would be so nice to be able to have both open &…
  • @bigez you would be surprise, there are many people that love their decos & try to collect them to fill their deco tower. The deco's people don't want they use for parts to improve the deocos that they like/love to help farm happiness/village happiness or they might demolish for extra farm dollars & when your a small farm…
  • I have played this game for over 5yrs now spending many hours on it & I have bought gold in the past but stopped when GGS started to take all the good rewards away to be replaced by junk rewards & too push hard to get you to buy gold, many other players did the same in the hope that GGS would listen to us! But now these…
  • Thank you for the delightful waving balloon deco but I am also wondering what happened to the chicken as mine only has 3 of the 4 animals, very disappointing not to receive what GGS said & showed us
  • These new boosters are a total downgrade :( Now the time reduction booster won with the CHWE is divided up in to several different ones all with the 50% reduction, this is not really any different then to the original 1 only now split up to look fancy. BUT the biggest different is now there are many buildings not included…
  • I am also missing my daily login reward, didn't show up in my rewards folder, nor did my farmers league medal notice, though the dog had all his xp's waiting & I did get a medal for the farmers league. Yesterday there was no issues before the update.
  • I am having the same problem, my juice bar is frozen at the finish of upgrading, tried a reload, didn't work, now it is just sitting not able to use or to upgrade any thing else, this is very frustrating :(
  • @"GrammaLeah (US1)" the seaweed greenhouse humus is purple with a yellow band, it is different to the normal greenhouse humus u can make with the farm machine.
  • The DSF area is vy sluggish since the last update & I have found that when ever the CC turns up now the game becomes extremely laggy & this time it is the worse...almost unplayable for me :( I don't know why we have to keep putting up with a vy slow game, hmtl was supposed to fix all of this but it is worse then on flash…
  • I now haven't received my FL medal when the game froze & locked me out. There are also several other coop members that didn't get theirs medals either. I hope that GGS fixes this problem really fast
  • Oh I am so glad that I am not the only person having trouble with getting back into the game :'( My game also froze & logged me just keep getting the msg game interrupted try again....I have been trying to no avail. Did a full close down, still no game, yet there is nothing wrong with my internet, it is the…
  • The GML was only a reward in the personal rewards section of the chwe for ranks 1-50. These were shown on the front of the chwe under the trophy with "show me" The coop rewards were separately shown on the coop rankings page and they did not include a gml. Some of the rewards were a choice of a dandy duck, copious cow,…
  • I have had this problem about 3 or 4 times now, nearly gave me a heart attach the first time it happened. What I did was log out & go to menu & do a restore previous session & that worked. After this happened I took screen shots of everything in my farm management & keep updating it occasionally since, so I do have a…
  • @"artful (US1)" you don't have to change farms to look at your invitations amounts or any other task, just go to the farm selection menu on the left & click on the house it opens all the tasks for every farm..much easier & quicker to check what you need :)
  • I am another 1 that didn't receive the Christmas Tree deco icon :(