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  • Another idea is to have it to where the short challenges are the first pages to come up when looking for challenges. Why are the longest ones the first ones that pop up? too easy for people to just click in a second and go to a 12 hour challenge. Which is exactly what happened every time. So to put in the briefest way to…
Absolutely! I've been posting about this since the VF first started. Such easy fixes like what you mentioned. I would pay gold for shelving option. BF is missing out on MAKING GOLD. Another easy fix is, please do not have the long challenges showing up as the first pages when you look for a challenge. Why are the easy…
  • We have had our Jetty upgraded twice. Both times we just let it go unrepaired until the upgrade went away and the boat was back to Level 1. And then it became do-able again.
  • My whole coop on US Server 1 is having problems. "connection lost" messages. Sometimes when I try to log in it says my farm doesn't exist. We all get bumped off constantly. Has been going on since the CC started. I hesitate to think how bad it will be when the WWC, the CC, and the FHWE are all running at the same time.…
  • What we have done this time is to not participate in the CC. I guess we'll just have to keep doing that. The rewards are awful and the constant pressure is too much. We are harvesting as usual but otherwise ignoring it. I think if all coops who are tired of it do this, it will eventually be a few gold leagues and that's it…
Yep, that's what we have decided to do in our coop for this CC and maybe the next. And maybe from now on? Just run missions like we usually do and don't pay any attention to the CC. The effort versus the rewards earned just don't justify it anymore. i know when we first started doing the CCs, a GML waited at the end…
  • Congrats! That's hard! I have a 53 mill one that's been waiting for weeks.
  • That's a good idea! cooking donkeys would work because I have a of them!
Yes, we've been thinking of doing that. Just doing every other one or so. And have the coop recover for a while. Just take the pressure off us. Seems like we always have something going on with the CC, VF, CHWE, HWE, FHWE and all the other temp farms and Jetty and events.
  • When our coop is doing the CCs, I hear constantly that level 30s are getting missions where the other people are 350+. What the heck, how could any level 30 to even 100 go up against other players in their 300s and 400s? If you wanted to have a more fun CC and have people actually want to do it the 3 times it runs a month…
  • We're the boiling frog with the ever increasing amount of CCs running every month now. This current one ends tonight at midnight. In 2 days another one starts. Then 2 days after that one ends, another one starts. This is according to the BF Forum Event Calendar for February. I remember when we started having them we had…
  • It's not just the rewards that have been dumbed down over the past two years, it's the increasing amount of CCs running every month now. This current one ends tonight at midnight. In 2 days another one starts. Then 2 days after that one ends, another one starts. This is according to the BF Forum Event Calendar for…
  • Thanks for you input! It's pretty frustrating really. We look forward to doing well in the VF challenge and something always messes it up. The main thing that starts the cascade of problems is...... why are the 12 hour challenges impossible to do? If these longer challenges were actually do-able then it wouldn't matter if…
  • Awesome here we go again with the same problems we had with the last Village Fair Challenge. This time we added a new coop member and within minutes she started up a 13 hour VF challenge which of course is impossible to do. We aren't going to add any more new members for now. But we thought brand new members couldn't start…
Yep! That would fix it!
  • If they don't want to make it deputies only starting challenges, then make so that the Coop Leader can go in and cancel long challenges that were inadvertently started. The deal where you cannot cancel a challenge no matter what just further irritates the problem. First of all, 12 hour challenges are not do-able. If you…
Ha, I googled and found it where BF moderator discusses giving the Deputies control over what challenges are started. It's the first post that pops up.
  • For the coops where there aren't a lot of Deputies and you need more deputies to start up challenges, the answer is easy: Just assign more people as Deputies. If you have a tiny coop, make all the people deputies if you want so anyone can start up a challenge. It's always the newest members to our coop who start up the…