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    Hi Amanda, good night ;) ( In my time )

    I reflect and cry a lot, when faced with problems with you. I tried to discuss with my own brain, why did this happen? I admit defeat to my ego, I confess evil to my heart.
    There are many actual defenses that I might want to say, but I know I might be wrong.
    Because honestly I have never experienced a problem like that in real life.

    I will feel and always feel I am a bad person, and finally my head is not able to hold so it feels like it will break, and maybe even now I still feel I am a bad person.

    And now I try to forgive myself, I try to fight my evil heart. Trying to remember the good times when together, I actually miss all my friends, I don't want to be left behind, that's my ego and it's so mean !!

    If time could be repeated I would always like to be with "Agrisa" like before, but never mind, I have to understand.

    I just want to say, Please forgive me and I want us to be friends again, like before.

    Happy Hallowen Amanda ;)
    May you always be happy and God always takes care of you wherever you are

    I Love You So Much  ;)