Need friends for big farm

Hi. I am very new to this and need friens for big farm.  Is this  the right group?  How do I add friends?


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    Hi @cindyc25 (US1),  It is nice to have you on the forum, :) You will find a lot of info & discussions here. Also another really helpful resource is

    Now in answer to your question; ;)   In BigFarm you Do not need "Friends" recently GGS (The owners & developers of BF) added an in-game "Farm Friends" center, were you can invite your friends (From school, work, or wherever) to BigFarm. This is just a way to get more players to play BF, however, it can be fun to play with friends.

    In BF there are Co-ops, (often called coops) If you aren't in one of these then I strongly encourage you to join one.  As part of a Co-op you donate money to research, which then helps you, by gaining extra $$$ when you sell products, You help your Co-op in different events, etc. etc. (I can list them later if U so want) there will be signs and letters to show you in-game how to apply to a Co-op. Are you already in a Co-op? These are the only "Groups or Friends" (As such)  in BF.

    Here on the Forum, there aren't 'Friends' either. There are Groups, like this one, which you can join, & different groups (on the forum) will do different things. (For example, some will be just to chat, some will be to explain things, some Co-op's have groups, etc. etc.

    So to (Quickly) answer your questions;
    Is this the right group?  How do I add friends?
    Yes, this is a fine group, we will answer your questions as best we can. However, you can join as many groups as you like. So I would join a few ;) . And in answer to the other question (which I explained above) You don't add friends in this game.

    Thanks for your questions, I hope I helped in my explaining (Sorry I went on-&-on a bit), & if you have any more questions (which I would think you would)then please feel more than Welcome to ask. (Your Co-op should answer most of your questions if you ask) :)

    Thanks & Kind Regards,


    Can GGS be trusted?   -They have been doing much better of late, but still no gold lock!  Which was promised for us last year.

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