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  • FarmerCli (US1)
    I know the Horse event has still a month to go and I am in 60th place for the rewards, but in 6th rank-wise.  I don't know how long I will get to be in the top 10, but I am enjoying every minute of it.

  • FarmerCli (US1)
    I have a question about broken tokens.  Without having to spend gold or subscribe to a subscription, how can I get rid of them so I can use other tokens in their place?  If there is no way other than to spend gold, I can see where very quickly all the slots in the animal and orchards will become all stuffed up with broken tokens. Then tokens will be totally useless.  :'(
    • Exxy (INT1)
      Exxy (INT1)
      Well, only option is to place a brand new/unbroken token, in the slot :)
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  • FarmerCli (US1)
    Timini was helping me figure out what the meadow breeding numbers should be for a Jumper, a Dressage and a Racer. Also what my goals should be for stable breeding effects for each type of horse.  

    What level is your winning horse and what breeding effects does yours look like?  Right now I am trying to build up a Dressage horse (currently at level 31) The breeding effects are Elegance +16 and Endurance +2.  The Meadow breeding effects are:
    Strength training +1, Agility training +1 Endurance training +3 (these three I am working to be +16) Dressage +12 (working to get to +16.  According to Timini this will be all I would need for the meadow breeding other than using the Meadow to increase the overall level of the horse.  I am encouraged to get more Elegance breeding effects of +15 or more (but that would necessitate me finding a horse with those effects in the horse market.  Sometimes I can find such without using gold. I am not a huge gold spender.  I do use it for the meadow to speed things up. 

    I have had to do a lot of starting over working in the dark which is very disconcerting but I am hoping that Timini's coaching will help me on the right track.  Maybe you have some tips too?  I would appreciate it very much!  :D
    • Exxy (INT1)
      Exxy (INT1)
      It seems to be correct



      Thats my jumper, I also plan to replace 3 Show jumping bonus for +5Str/+5Agi/+5End for breeding effects

      yup, and just like you, developping a horse for each discipline here , like u said, it just takes a bit of time
    • FarmerCli (US1)
      FarmerCli (US1)
      The Meadow breeding on my one jumper (the one that Timinu said that I ruined by going beyond the +16 on Dressage, Show jumping & Racing. If I matched the Strength training/Endurance Training/Agility Training to equal the +24 Dressage, the +22 Show jumping and the +22 Racing, I wonder if it would equal out and be good again? What do you think? I notice on your jumper that you have +110 Strength training, How is that working out for you? Is your Jumper nearing the Diamond yet?


      P.s. Looks like you are popular on the forum too with 682 Likes and 250 LOLs! :)
    • Exxy (INT1)
      Exxy (INT1)
      Its really important , if u want to develop your horse into a jumper, to only add +16 in show jumping ( from Coop breeding effects )

      You can add max 1 Dressage and 1 Racing ( which will allow you to use all equipment, but if u add more points, each point that is different of show jumping on coop breeding effects, will actually reduce your show jumping rushing %

      16 show jumping gives you +4% rushing toward show jumping , -4% rushing toward Dressage , -4% toward racing

      16 dressage gives you +4% rushing toward dressage , -4% toward Show jumping , -4% toward Racing

      16 racing gives you +4% rushing toward racing , -4% toward show jumping , -4% toward dressage

      See what it does to have +16 in all disciplines in coop breeding effects, you get the 4% from show jumping, but you also get -8% to show jumping, hence why Timinu told you , you kinda ruined your horse :(
    • Exxy (INT1)
      Exxy (INT1)
      I'm not close to diamond yet, but only because i've decide to set for future

      And placed my low level Dressage horse and Racing horse, to get them XP for counter levels ;)

      I should still manage to get to diamond, normally :D

      Why think now, when i can think later? ;o
  • FarmerCli (US1)
    You mentioned that you'd try and help me with my horses, so I will take you up on it.  Will you send me a screenshot of what your "Diamond" winning horse's Meadow breeding looks like so that I may try and model my horses after that.  I don't want to ruin my horses that I send to the Meadow by overdoing the attributes.  I think I may have done that already on one of my horses.  Thanks so much! :)
    • Exxy (INT1)
      Exxy (INT1)
      I've shown you, if you copy/paste the links, you'll see picture of both my breeding effects and coop breeding effects :)

      Its a little bit down on my wall, i replied on your last statement :D
  • Exxy (INT1)
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