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I think this box is meant to be used to type a intruduction about myself? Ok, let's try it: First of all, I think GGS sometimes see me as the devils lawyer against them (or a pain in their b...) Only thing I can say to that is: To avoid my critism, be better to test your updates and clean them for bugs before you launch your updates and don't trying bomb me with suspect videos from suspect sites who trying to save 3'party suspect files on my computer! Now some words about myself computer knowledge: In the computer-world I'm an oldtimer (not only because my age, I'm from 31/10 1957), but also because I bought my first computer in the year 1981, and then I learn to program in Basic, z80 machine code, Comal80 and Pascal. As far I remember, it was in 2001 or 2002 I received an official diploma that I had gone through a passed an education as an IT administrator with web design as a speciality. During that training, of course I learned to write HTML codes, but also learn to program VisualBasic, I learned to use ASP, PHP, JAVA and Javascripts. In that time period I also experimented with several different Linux configurations, including Red Hat, SuSE, and Mandrake, and I also have my own web server running 24/7 in around 1 year on an old extra computer I have configurated with Red Hat. Well, that's many years ago, and I have forget many things about these things since.    - But there is also many important things I still remember from my education.
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