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  • Every Farmer down in Big Farm liked planting a lot But Lester who lived just North of Big Farm did not! Lester hated Big Farm! The planting of greens! Now, please don't ask why. No one quite knows what it means. It could be, perhaps, he hated mowing. In his farm, there was nothing growing. But I think the best reason of…
  • Thank you for taking the time to explain everything in a thorough and respectful manner. The more cryptic it got, I think, the more frustrated people got. Also, thank you for not censoring the posts as most forums do. Perhaps if it was explained to everyone a bit earlier with all of the reasons, it wouldn't have blossomed…
  • We're doing this because of REASONS that we will not tell you! Due to various reasons? Would those reasons be that people were not buying enough gold? Not playing the way GGS THINKS the game should be played??? Hurting the game or hurting the GGS coffers? That GGS doesn't care about the people who have played the game a…
  • I'm beginning to feel like a rat in a maze, where they close off every other way out, except the way THEY want me to go. You Will play zee game our way, or you WILL be punished! "This isn't the way the game is SUPPOSED to be played!" Really? I thought a strategy game was supposed to be left up to the strategy of the…
  • Thanks, Yon. I just call it as I see it. Though I doubt it will make any difference. As long as there's new players , I doubt there's a huge concern about people who've been playing a while.
  • So legitimately criticizing the game=I'm whining because it doesn't give me what I want? I can understand there are some people who don't like something and some who do, but it seems that the positivity police has to put down the people talking about the game. In other words, the "gripers" keep it about the game while the…
  • I have a GGS translation as well. "We've listened to your feedback and responded to it"="We've disregarded what most of you said and replaced it with our own reality where people are clamoring for a ranking system and want to spend even more gold and money on something that goes away in thirty days."
  • After the Island went away, I realized just how many people didn't bother doing much with it due to a. the exorbitant cost of everything and b. how much of a time waster it was. I predicted they'd see how many people just gave up and would make the correct changes. Apparently I was overenthusiastic. Ranking? I'll bet ones…