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  • Hi :-) We would very much like to see a list of who donated what and when to the different buildings and functions in the village. Furthermore who votes for upgrades and who starts the upgrades. Like the one on the chatroom for donations etc to the coop? Or as a notice in the PMbox to the leader? In our coop we have a…
  • He is on the farm that has received the prank. This little green guy is hiding, or he is easy to find. Just as you look for sweets, hearts and other thing hidden on the farm.
  • Please hurry on the gadget to block donations / upgrades in the village. Our coop is in for a disaster! Someone donates every day even though we ask everyone not to,- every day. See it on the breakcosts. Staying at 1% = someone donates more than every 24 hours. So please?
  • Artful - so agree with you :-) Hope we can get the gadget really soon :-) dchen1 - Hiihi, then you have something to do when you are waiting for things to grow and get ready? I always take that round when I harvest the farm In the morning and am in the village to take care of the horse and fill up the boat :-) Once ever 24…
  • Thanks :-) I think a lot of leaders agree. It is a nightmare when you have a vision and your coop is going good. And suddenly... It isn´t. So we are looking forward to one or two new gadgets here :-) If we can block upgrades , it is more easy to direct donations into what the coop wants to upgrade next. I think it will…
  • Thanks :-) Yes, narrow down the list, but at the same time makes it more difficult. All members can vote for upgrade and all members can donate for upgrading. And that is not good if there is something we absolutely not will upgrade. It happens anyway. And there is no way to find out who did it. Therefor the leader should…
  • Today when I was logging in, it came with "Update your Adobe Flash now, or you won´t be able to play". To tired and soggy, I clicked OK. And the page went white, and will not be found again. I have tried different browsers and restarted my computer, same result… Is it possible for you to cleanse the path so I can return to…
  • I waited for 7 hours... Must have been a one-time-happening. Hasn´t occured before, and now everything is OK :-) Thanks for your concern :-)