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  • All the farms out there that use premium feed to allow them to have less or no deco's did have an advantage fair or otherwise it wont worry me as I like to my production cost down, however if will affect the "big hitters", who have extra production sites in lieu of deco's , but it was their choice to do so. And being…
  • The Jam factory ; ok something new, we will adapt , not to worried about it horse racing is now too convoluted to do much anyway will take years to update and I find it of no worth, ( i used to enjoy it).I was told 5 years ago that the main purpose of the farm lab was to help us get rid of excess produce while doing…
  • I could only suggest that G.G. do a serious re work of farm lab to incorporate features of the old one and the new one having a farm lab that only uses catalysts is an impediment not an upgrade! We used to make use of lab to use excess produce to make useful products, an efficient set up as barn storage does not allow you…
  • I really like this part of the game , it's one of my favorites, but with the advent of long term challenges it throws it out the window, perhaps if the co ops had a way of putting new members on parole perhaps for a week or so at the behest of Leaders or deputies so they could not start any challenges etc I would imagine…