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  • :) :) :) Thank you all very much I looked in the coop wallet and moths flew out lol yes short on cash just a little bit Learning as we go......... cheers every on for you help, appreciated it Ruth :)
  • I just had the wheel and he was not there for 24 hours, I only logged on at apx noon today so I am not sure how long he was here! I logged off abot 4am this morning, 8 hours prior to logging on today and he was not there then. Is that whats happening now? How and where do you find the list of placings? Thanks Ruth
  • Latten & Jammicus thank you so much for your input, appreciate you taking the time thanks every one for your help Wildcard & aaabbb1 big :) to you both
  • Goodgame Big Farm celebrates 1,000,000 registered players in first 6 weeks New update offers the game in 10 further languages Hamburg, December 11th 2012. This one I found on same site as mentioned above on page three Wildcard what do you think?
  • har har har now I have to keep looking thanks Wildcard, see just like I said so knowledgeable lol Dooooooh
  • Thanks wildcard I think we are a little confused
  • I found this(below quote) from the above link from aaabbb1 (which was broken but I was redirected). it was page 9 from drop box press then press release. but have not looked further to see when it went globally as I have to get back to my mission, hope this answers your question AJ... :) Quote: Hamburg Game Developer Wants…
  • Thank you Wildcard I am not saying you are wrong......But lol Mousehouse co-op was founded on the 18-12-12......????? I have heard the game was running in Germany for some time before it went global? Thanks for responding though, you are always reliable and knowledgeable, thank you Cheers :)
  • Gidday all, an overwhelming amount of support, really wasn't expecting that and I am really grateful for the feedback. Such great ideas have been bantered around as well, well done every one. Now a quick word to my quick witted awesomely competitive (who me!) leader.... You VAMPIRE!...... Seriously every on have fun in…
  • great take on it farmerjohn 22.... I get beaten frequently gold or no gold and I sometimes send messages of congratulations to those who do beat me..... All's fair in love & harvesting :) I'm glad that I could shed some understanding to what drives the competitive nature of some of us..... Have fun BriannospamGame2 & good…
  • oh stop it....... now my heart is just breaking for you.......lol :)
    in Gold Lady Comment by ruth1410 17.06.2014
  • The downtown joke was very good I thought. As was Larino's post, I am only just picking myself up off the floor from laughing that you would go to such an extreme of making up a mock version of what a 200% offer would look like...lol...j/k Thank you Larino.....I so want to believe it is true and please stop showing…
    in Gold Lady Comment by ruth1410 17.06.2014
  • Hi, there are times when I have no gold and times when I choose not to use gold, there are also times when playing in a mission against other members of my co-op that I will not use gold and or not beat them by choice because I do use gold and therefore have an advantage in missions. You mention the challenge of playing…
  • I have not had a gold offer for what seems like an eternity, also I do not believe those that say she offers 100% or 200% (harharhar) how nice would that be if she ever turns up again lol cheers : ))
    in Gold Lady Comment by ruth1410 17.06.2014
  • I was not offended nor did I think there was any disrespect, I appreciate others views and opinions regardless if they are like minded to me or not, I learn a lot from others thoughts. Thank you Samty for taking the time to acknowledge my view Have fun :)
  • Larino is correct, If I ever play against you in a mission Kathy213 I will happily send you a chit chat msg Have fun Ruth1410
  • It was not my intention to be disrespectful toward Tonygamer, and I guess it is all a matter of how you look at it! I do missions because it is fun for me, regardless of winning or coming in 6th, I enjoy the company of like minded people playing. Never do I use it as a bragging tool nor do I look at it from that…
  • Hi Zee55 it means you are an active player that takes part in missions, when you finish a mission you receive reputation points and certificates, all based on how active you can be during the Half hour of that mission, you usually are up against other people and it can be fun with the right people, I have made some good…
  • Thank you Latten.....but I want it all NOW...Lol It seems a bit strange I am only ever getting my tools from eggs....guess that better than only getting them from cherries huh! Cheers Ruth :)